Friday, 4 March 2011

O solo mio!

Recently I lost my gaming group, a bit careless I know, I'm sure I left them round here somewhere...

Anyway, that got me thinking about solo gaming, and dicussions on the Fudge mailing list led me to look into Mythic, however, never satisfied I continued to look into solo gaming and thanks to an unremembered source also found Larger than Life by Two Hour Wargames, actually designed for very small pulp skirmish games (in fact almost an RPG it seems).

Now while both are relatively cheap, Mythic in particular, I'm one to never be happy with anything as first presented, perhaps that why I never finish anything!

There's only one possible solution

So with my brain churning, as it always seems to, I thought 'could I create one of my own?' and of course the simple answer to that is 'Yes!'.

So, with what I can infer Mythic, appears to be about answering Yes/No questions, with occasional extremes and random events. Meanwhile Larger than Life takes a different approach, assigning locations, people and an aim for every scene with occasional random events.

For a start I couldn't see how a simple Yes/No gave you any details unless you asked a million questions so the random events must be the main drivers, and I knew that Larger than Life gives you scene details, people etc. so what would a system that melded them together look like?

Now I can die happily

OK, so I've got the idea, what dice should I use, percentile dice seem a good idea, but then I usually shy away from these because they seem a little clinical to me, 'a 67% chance of there being guards' vs '4 or less there are guards'. I don't know, the more abstract numbers just seem easier for some reason, I guess for me percentiles detract from the atmosphere.

So what choices do I have:
d4 - too little probability and obscure, unless playing a Mummy game!
d6 - the industry 'standard', maybe roll 2 compare to a chart (I don't want a bell curve, I think you need the extremes) it's a possibility
dF - as used in Fudge, again either a bell curve or a chart, plus really only three sided, so sorry folks!
d8 - a bit negelected, but then it still seems to have too little sides
d10 - a possibility
d12 - funnily I like d12, maybe it's got something to do with Advanced Heroquest, a game that brought me further into the hobby (maybe it's because it's a d6 in disguise!)
d20 - a love the d20 mechanic in Pendragon, but it's also in my pet hate system, can I forgive it?
d100 - as I said, already discarded for being too clinical

Finally I settled on the d6, it is such an industry standard it is hard to ignore, it will require a little table but nothing too onerous hopefully.

So now I've decided on the die, what next...

Until next time Steve

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