Friday, 27 May 2011

Missing In Action

I have no idea where the last few weeks have gone, but I do know they haven't gone into the blog! This will be rectified with the plethora of posts I have hanging around ready to be copied in, I just don't seem to have got around to doing it!
I intend for the next few posts to be about my forays into the solo gaming scene, I have abandoned my attempts for the time being and want to try the commercially successful ones instead.

I have just bought Larger Than Life by Two Hour Wargames and want to compare it to Mythic, and Danger Patrol, a fantastic ruleset by John Harper where failure drives the plot more than success so it should be ideally suited with a few tweaks for threat generation.

I think to compare them properly I should stick to the same genre, and as much as I'd like that to be pulp sci-fi I think the work required to make Larger Than Life fit a sci-fi background will be too much for a beginning project. It is therefore my duty to annouce - John Regent, special agent for Her Majesty, licence to kill. I'll stat John up in LTL soon and let you see the result, ever a tinkerer I'll try a different beginning to LTL than stated in the book.

So as they say on the BBC, 'we apologize for the interruption but your normal service will now be resumed (Or words to that effect!).'

Until next time


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