Monday, 6 June 2011

Regent Scene 2 - The British Embassy in Paris

A few hours later in the British Embassy on the Rue de Fauborg de Saint-Honoré, Regent was waiting patiently for admittance to the Secret Service attaché posted to this luxurious location. Regent was getting bored, and was just mulling over talking again to the severe matron sat at the desk when the door opened. Regent was surprised to see M, stood in the doorway.

"There's no need to look pleased with yourself, Regent," M said, "it could take weeks to repair the diplomatic damage caused by your little shennanigans this morning."
"Well that's a nice hello I must say, but I did get that film back," Regent replied suavely.
"And what do you want, a medal for doing your job?" M snapped back.
"Actually, that would be quite good," Regent nodded.
"Don't delude yourself o-thirteen. Now there is another matter I've called you in for."
"I didn't think you'd come all to Paris to ask how my French lessons were going."
Ignoring the last comment M beckoned Regent in and carefully shut the door. On a projection screen was a picture of a middle-aged man, "this o-thriteen is Oliver Jackson, leading British actor and personal friend to the Prime Minister."
"Well, lucky him!"
"He's gone missing, he was last seen in Austria with well known film financier Johan Ternitz."
"What are we a Secret Service, or a missing persons bureau?" Regent enquired.
M shook her head, "Regent, this is troubling the Prime Minister and isn't the first case of a close friend going missing. Someone is trying to undermine the PM John and I need to know whom and to stop them. This is a priority case and many assets have been redirected in searches."
"So, I'm not the only agent in the field?"
"Just find out what we need. Ternitz has a townhouse in Vienna I suggest you start your search there, and don't raise any suspicions!"
"As if I would," Regent smiled back.

Now into the Larger Than Life story structure proper. Being a jack-of-all-trades I roll Rescue someone from Slavers (5) which I've interpretted as kidnappers as I could worka round that possiblity better. Next I intended to use some flavour and whipped out The NAGS Society Adventure Starter (designed for pulp games of Terra Incognita using the excellent Fudge role-playing rules) I role for person and get Famous actor (11). Returning to LTL Iroll for the villain and get REP 4 (Passed 2d6), for now I haven't rolled for the specific villain, I'll leave that until necessary.

Rolling on the Advance the story table I unsurprisingly roll Get info from someone, I again decided to use the Terra Incognita Adventure Starter (TIAS from here on!) and got Obsessed millionaire (30) for my next contact. I then rolled Metropolis and Train and decided a quick trip to Vienna seemed in order.

By the way, the Terra Incognia Adventure Starter is a free download from the NAGS Society website, go and get it!

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