Friday, 3 June 2011

Regent - John Regent

OK, so it's Bond with the name changed a bit (UK Monopoly players will realise the connection), but I think this will be a good character to test drive all the solo gaming systems. These are his stats in Larger Than Life:
Role - clearly the Star (he's the only player character!)

Reputation - 5 (this is incredibly important in LTL, everything really revolves around this)
Primary Attribute - Brawn
Secondary attributes - Brain and Bravado
Advantage - Strong Willed
Disadvantage - Distinguishing Feature
Skills - Melee, Shooting, Influence, Interrogate (count as 3), Drive, Stealth
Crisis table - Adventurer
Weapon - Pistol
Profession - Spy
Employer - Her Majesty's Secret Service
Home - Military Intelligence 6 Headquarters

As John will be alone almost for the entirety he needed to be capable enough to deal with whatever is thrown at him, therefore Reputation 5 is really a minimum.

I selected Brawn because this is the combat stat, and without that he could get into all sorts of trouble, it really is quite hard to decide between that and Bravado, but Brawn seemed a better choice.

I chose his advantage because it should be helpful when we get into opposed tasks, which I know come up a lot.

Distinguishing Feature was a stroke of luck (it is random) some of the other disadvantages are crippling it seems.

Skills were selected from the law enforcement and adventurer packages as per the jack-of-all-trades description, so granting an additional skill from those on offer. In addition I selected drive because I intend to use the fan submitted chase rules, plus Bond Regent is guns, fast cars and faster women! Stealth was added to help him get around without incident, again this was a tough pick, I could have chosen Seduce, or Gambling but Stealth seemed to have the greatest utility, only time will tell...

As a jack-of-all-trades I had to select a crisis table, I decided on the Adventurer table as it seems to portray a more independent minded character, i.e. less affected by allies actions.

Weapon was obviously going to be a pistol, a Walther PPK to be precise, of course!

Profession is clearly spy, with his employer also being easy, I selected rather than rolled.

So that is John Regent agent o-thirteen (just so you Yanks don't get confused how to say it), he's good but not quite a double-o yet.

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