Friday, 3 June 2011

Regent Scene 1 - The Paris streets

I have decided to veer away from the LTL story framework slightly, as I intend to use it just for that, a framework and not a rigid straitjacket.

So I'll start with an action scene:

It was a quiet autumn day, brown and gold leaves had blown from the park onto the adjacent broad Paris street. A sleek sportscar screeched around the far end of the street sending its back end fishtailing into the middle of the road, straightening itself it shot down the road its engine roaring scattering the leaves.
Just as the leaves were settling back and the quiet of the street returned two black cars came around the corner in obvious pursuit, they too shot down the road sending the leaves scattering before disappearing from view.

Inside the sports car John Regent, agent of Her Majesty's Secret Service, looked in the rear-view mirror and raised an eyebrow.

OK, we have a car pursuit per the download from the Yahoo group. I figure the cars are 5 bands apart (I haven't stuck rigidly to those rules either), Regent in the lead car being followed by one car of REP 3 goons and one of REP 4. All drivers have the Driver skill.

The rolls (John's always first) are 1, 4 and 3. Everyone activates but the bad guys first, the REP 4 goons decide to close the distance with a DF3 manoeuvre (5,5,5,5,4) v (2,6,3) Fail 2d6. 1 vehicle wound plus 1 further wound (1,2,4) and lose 2 range bands falling back to 8. The driver fares badly (1,1,4) suffering two wounds and OOF.

The lead chasing car tries to cut a corner to catch up, unfortunately there are cars parked around the corner and they plough straight into them, the horn sounds loudly as the driver lays slumped over the wheel. The second car meanwhile tries to accelerate to keep up with the secret agent.

The driver rolls (5,5,1,6) versus DF 1 (3) Pass 0d6, maintain the status quo 6 range. Regent plays safe (2,1,1,3,3,3) versus (5) Pass 6d6!

The other black car's engine whines as the driver tries to accelerate to catch up, Regent just shakes his head and puts his own foot down, pulling away easily.

Activation (6,5) no-one activates. Again (2,2) both activate.

Regent sees a chance to shoot down a narrow lane and jerks the wheel to the right.

Regent rolls (4,5,6,2,1,3) versus (4,2,4,4) scoring 2 more successes and sending the pursuers back to band 10. The pursuers roll (5,4,4,6) versus (5) 0 successes.

Expertly handled the racing car slides around the corner and disappears up the narrow lane, unable to match the manoeuvre the black car is forced to slam on its brakes and reverse back to take the turn.
Regent lets himself have a small smile, "Amateurs".

Both activate (5,2) and Regent pulls another DF3 manoeuvre (1,6,1,3,4,5) versus (4,4,6) 3 successes.
Range now 13 and tail lost, but it has to be more dramatic than that!
Seeeing the end of the narrow road coming up with the Seine in sight, Regent puts the car expertly into another skid. Bursting onto the riverside road Regent checks his mirrors again to see the pursurers shoot out right across the road and hit the kerb which sends it flying over the safety rails and into the river.

"Au revoir, mon ami," Regent says before adjusting his tie with a smile.

Oh, and try this

Until next time Steve

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  1. Very interesting steve, especially your location, perhaps a drink is in order.
    Regards Douglas