Thursday, 9 June 2011

Regent Scene 3 - Vienna

Regent stepped off the train into the cool autumn day. While on the journey Regent had managed to read all available data on Johan Ternitz it seemed he was something of a recluse so getting close to him was going to be something of a dilemma. Once he'd ariived it wasn't hard to track down where a multi-millionaire like Ternitz was, getting to him was going to be the trouble.

Regent pondered this while stood outside Ternitz's townhouse. He was still pondering the possibility of climbing the ten foot wall at night when the gates swung open and a black limo pulled out and drove down the road. Immediately hailing a cab Regent ordered it to follow the limo until it reached a small café where it stopped and Ternitz went inside. Regent paid the driver and sat at the café on the opposite side of the street ordering an Americano from the fresh faced young Parisian. After a quick sip Regent knew why Ternitz had choosen the opposite café.

Half an hour later Ternitz emerged from the café to talk to his driver. Seeing his chance Regent tucked his newspaper under his arm and walked to the opposite door of the limo staying low. As Ternitz' chauffeur closed the door Regent slipped in the other side to sit next to him.

"What?" Ternitz blurted out.
"Shh," Regent said his finger to his lips, glancing down he showed his gun hidden under the paper. "Just carry on as normal," Regent whispered.
"I'll call security Englishman," Ternitz spat.
"Well, you could but they'd get here to find you dead. I suggest you listen to me. Where has Jackson gone?"
"Oliver Jackson? What's he got to do with anything?"
"Just tell me."
"OK, I saw him last week as part of a delegation about a new film."
Regent twitched his gun.
"OK, I don't know, um let me think. He - he left for the Alps if I remember. What is the matter?"
"Where exactly?"
"Ah, Sestriere, I told him I have a place there."
"Who did he go with?"
"I don't know."
"I think maybe you do, come on," Regent said firmly.
"Um, er, OK, er, some girl I think," Ternitz was beginning to sweat, "his daughter, I think it was his daughter."
"And her name?"
"I really don't know - er, Claire. Now leave me alone, why are you asking me these questions?"
"Don't worry about that, and thank you," with that Regent slipped out of the car again and away into the Vienna crowds.

Here I had a DF 3 search and got 2 more successes finding him easily. I decided that Intimidation would be the appropriate skill with the aid of the PPK of course so had 3 dice (2 for similar and 1 for the pistol). The millionaire had Influence so had 2d6 for similar, not that it helped as 2 to 0 revealed what I needed to know.

Here's something I may change about LTL, as it stands you only need to find someone and get info out of them. I've brought this up on the THW Yahoo group and it is basically a chart for rolling the number of tasks required to get to speak to someone, for example breaking in and turning off the alarms, or persuading another to let you see them. I'll implement this on the following posts and see how it goes.

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