Tuesday, 19 July 2011


As you can clearly see I have not updated John Regent's progress for some time, this is not through lack of enthusiasm, I have just not had the time to sit down and dice out the last few encounters.

I am hopefully that I will find the time soon and things can pick up again but until then I feel I am letting everyone down.

To compensate for this I am planning on posting a link every few days at the least. Some of these will be of course known by some people but I'm hoping others will not. They will cover a broad range of topics all related to gaming (in one form or another).

If I put out a link let me, and the other readers (if there are any!) of any related ones. I will be sure to visit these as soon as possible and post a response as soon as I can.

I may throw in the odd random thought now and again just to execise my grey cells.

Until next time

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