Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Les Danger Corps - Styles

So last time I very briefly laid out the Roles I would likely use in a swashbuckling game based on Danger Patrol.

This time I'd like to list some possible Styles. I haven't had time to sit down and assign these relevant bonuses or rule breaking abilities, but then I'm a big fan of creating your own so I might never. Anyway here goes for the names of Styles I would recommend:

Foppish (toyed with Dashing and Courtesan but this I think is better, you might have too many Dashing X's while Foppish tends to put people off!)
Foreigner - good for Parisian games
Gentleman - taking a leaf from Flashing Blades and putting the burgeoning middle/upper classes in
Military - I'd encourage war-like phrases here
Mystic/Magical - Not suitable for every game, so optional
Noble - the true ruling classes, money (and indeed none) optional but status yes!
Piratical - to distinguish the Sailors
Priest/Religious - probably Religious would be better here
Puritan - for those killjoy/Witch Hunterly/Roundheaded Parliamentarians among the group
Rogue - can't play swashbuckling without a thief or few
Slave - suitable for piratical games

Well there you go, a few example Styles I would recommend.
Until next time Steve

Friday, 27 January 2012

Les Danger Corps

OK, another idea, this time to do with Danger Patrol, the excellent pick and play game from John Harper.

It is to modify it to a musketeer/swashbuckling style setting.

Initially this is just the Roles, which translate as follows:

Agent = Agent
Commando = Musketeer
Daredevil = Swashbuckler
Detective = Guard
Explorer = Hunter
Flyboy = Sailor
Professor = Scholar
Warrior = Swordsman

Until next time Steve

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Drift and drifting

Well as you can see my weekly deadline seems to have drifted already!

But do not fear I am still here. In the way that my life tangents I recently started dabbling again in Advanced Heroquest, for the uninitiated this is an old Games Workshop dungeon crawling game with fairly simple rules. Not really remarkable you may say but those rules are a lot like a simplified Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing.

As the Old World is one of my favourite settings (at least the 1st edition before they messed it all up with the Storm of Chaos or whatever it's called) a WFRP-light is heaven sent. As I've been dabbling I've made a few discoveries and hope to share some these in later posts. So be on AHQ (as it's known to those in the know) alert!

Until next time Steve

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Phoenix

Rise from the ashes my beauty!

It's alive!

Yes, I've decided to resurrect this blog. Unfortunately for those fans of LTL, I've decided to park John Regent for the present. I'll still be exploring solo role-playing although I'll be taking a more Mythic approach.

So what have I done since abandoning this blog?

Well, I've started the Fan Made FU Yahoo Group. It's going quite strong with a steady trickle of new subscribers and some interesting debate.

Secondly I've got in on the act somewhat and made a FU Pirates hack. It's pretty much a homage to Sid Meier's Pirates with a few bits taken from here and there and melded together. It's a pick and mix of gaming styles and something that adds more to FU in general as well as pirates in particular.
As well as the Yahoo Group I've also uploaded it to RPG Geek as this seemed the best place for central storage as well as driving traffic to the FU RPG Geek page (well, hopefully anyway!).

So what can you expect in the future?
Hopefully something semi-regular (I can't commit to every week but will try).

Solo play reports. I intend these to be overaching summaries rather than detailed blow by blow, line by line accounts.

Variety. I have so many ideas for various solo plays that I think the best approach is short one shots of all of them, and if one really grabs me I might run it a bit longer. I think this is one of the strengths of the solo play experience, I can do what I bleeding well like.

Setting and rules thoughts. I'll probably espouse some inane drivel about how I'd do something and what I've enjoyed recently (or not of course).

Links. I will start cranking out links to lots of wonderful sites you may well know about or have no idea existed. I intend to give a little detail about each, but we'll see how it goes.
Well as for the rest, we'll just have to wait and see, for myself as much as anyone else.

Until next time Steve