Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Les Danger Corps - Styles

So last time I very briefly laid out the Roles I would likely use in a swashbuckling game based on Danger Patrol.

This time I'd like to list some possible Styles. I haven't had time to sit down and assign these relevant bonuses or rule breaking abilities, but then I'm a big fan of creating your own so I might never. Anyway here goes for the names of Styles I would recommend:

Foppish (toyed with Dashing and Courtesan but this I think is better, you might have too many Dashing X's while Foppish tends to put people off!)
Foreigner - good for Parisian games
Gentleman - taking a leaf from Flashing Blades and putting the burgeoning middle/upper classes in
Military - I'd encourage war-like phrases here
Mystic/Magical - Not suitable for every game, so optional
Noble - the true ruling classes, money (and indeed none) optional but status yes!
Piratical - to distinguish the Sailors
Priest/Religious - probably Religious would be better here
Puritan - for those killjoy/Witch Hunterly/Roundheaded Parliamentarians among the group
Rogue - can't play swashbuckling without a thief or few
Slave - suitable for piratical games

Well there you go, a few example Styles I would recommend.
Until next time Steve

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