Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Drift and drifting

Well as you can see my weekly deadline seems to have drifted already!

But do not fear I am still here. In the way that my life tangents I recently started dabbling again in Advanced Heroquest, for the uninitiated this is an old Games Workshop dungeon crawling game with fairly simple rules. Not really remarkable you may say but those rules are a lot like a simplified Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing.

As the Old World is one of my favourite settings (at least the 1st edition before they messed it all up with the Storm of Chaos or whatever it's called) a WFRP-light is heaven sent. As I've been dabbling I've made a few discoveries and hope to share some these in later posts. So be on AHQ (as it's known to those in the know) alert!

Until next time Steve

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