Thursday, 9 February 2012

Combat épisode cinq

The last one is Pendragon.
I'm going to use the De Falt knight (from the 4th Edition) against the Bandits in the back. I'm not going to reproduce the stat blocks here because they are quite large, and I will amend the stats as required (so Jousting/Lance skill becomes Firearms for example).

Pierre arrives on the scene and shoots, (19) and misses. The two bandits make a break for it (16 vs 16) and both fail. Next turn (10 vs 13), pass/fail so Pierre catches up with them, he swings his blade at the first bandit (16 vs 13) and both miss, Pierre now faces two opponents.

As it is cinematic I won't split Pierre's skill between them, I'll allow Pierre to attack one normally and simply defend against the other.

The first round (1 vs 4) and the first bandit recovers to land the first blow, as it's a partial victory I continue to deduct 6 from the damage, using the shield rules as a partial defence. The bandit rolls 3d6 (1 less than calculated as standard, (1,6,1 - 2 armour, -6 partial defence for no damage), his blade glances off Pierre's leather jerkin.

The other bandit attacks, (14 vs 14) and Pierre defends easily.

He attacks once more (3 vs 16), and despite a clumsy thrust the bandit is clearly unready and takes a (3d6 the same 6,6,6! -1 armour for 17 HP) bad injury, the bandit rolls conciousness (19 vs 11) and falls from his horse. The remaining bandit rolls Valourous (13 vs 8) and turns and flees.

I want to test it further so Pierre gives chase, Horsemanship (8,14) and catches the bandit, (17 vs 13) both fail to land a blow and they clash again (6 vs 19), (5,5,6! -1 Armour for 15 HP), roll Conciousness (7 vs 12) and knockdown (14 vs 12) and he falls from his horse.

Pierre jumps down too to finish off the bandit (probably would test a passion here but assume that's what he'd do) and they attack again (18 vs 16) neither landing a blow. They come together again (9 vs 13) and (2,3,1 -1 armour for 5 HP) and Pierre stabs him again. The bandit tests Valourous (19 vs 8) and surrenders.

OK, not bad. Pendragon has a lot of systems to go through, and I'm sure some of these I've done wrong, for example the second bandit suffered a Major wound but I didn't amend his stats, should I have?

It was a very one sided affair, although they did manage to land a blow, which could have been a lot worse and Pierre's blows were doing catastrophic damage. In some ways I like that the system can take over and portray the characters according to their natures, but on the other it is a lot of stats you need to generate or have the rulebook to hand something which I'd like to stay away from really.
I think simply because I don't know Pendragon that well, I will have to rule this out.

Until next time Steve

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