Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Combat épisode deux

This time it's my own Les Danger Corps.


Dandy Swordsman

Agent d10
Musketeer d8
Swashbuckler d8
Guard d6
Hunter d6
Sailor d4
Scholar d6
Swordsman d12

Pierre is returning to Paris when he hears a scream, turning to investigae he sees a few bandits surrounding a young female. He immediately draws his pistol and fires. Musketeer & Pistol d8+d10 (5,7) Two hits.

One of the bandits keels over and falls off his horse causing the remaining two bandits to gallop off, Pierre in pursuit. Hunter d6 (2) Escalate threat

He spurs his horse on hoping to catch the men. Hunter d6 (6) & Danger die d6 (1) One hit & escalate threat

Catching up with them he draws his blade and charges. Swordsman d12 & 2 Danger dice d6 (11,1,6) One hit & Escalate threat (now 3, swap for reduced hit)

Pierre stabs one but another catches him a glancing blow. Swordsman d12 (7). Pierre stabbeds the one he already hit causing him to fall from his horse and turn to the remaining Bandit. Swordsman d12 (5) after an exchange of blows Pierre stabs the remaining Bandit. Swordsman d12 (2) however he over balanced leaving himself slightly vunerable. Swordsman d12 (4) & Danger Dice (4), Pierre averts the danger and runs the remaining bandit through.

That was very quick, not sure about handling the opponents though. The build up of Danger is quite difficult in the situation set out meaning the standard DP rules don't really work that well. I do like the variety of skills/roles and the escalating dice but not sure this is a valid rule system for what I have in mind. Reluctantly parked for the moment.

Until next time Steve

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