Thursday, 9 February 2012

Combat épisode quatre

This time the system is Advanced Heroquest

To keep things simple I'll select Heinrich's profile:

Weapon Skill 8
Ballistic Skill 8 (Renamed stat)
Strength 6
Toughness 5
Speed 8
Bravery 9
Intelligence 8
Fellowship 8 (New stat)
Fate 2
Wounds 4
Sword 4 Damage Dice, Pistol 3 Damage Dice
Careers - Musketeer, Spy

For the bandits I'll select the Goblin profile:
WS 5, BS 5, S 4, T 5, Sp 6, Br 5, Int 5, W 2, Sword 2 DD, Careers - Bandit

As before Pierre races towards the bandits and fires his pistol (distance say 20 squares) (2) vs 8+ and misses. The bandits flee with Pierre in pursuit. Horsemanship covered by Musketeer and Speed (7) vs 8- and catches up with the two bandits. He swings his sword, (10) vs 4+ and hits (12, 1, 11, 7) vs T 5 and causes 3 Wounds killing him outright and toppling him from his saddle.

Seeing this the other bandit makes a Bravery test (11) vs 5-, fails and heads off into the distance. Pierre begins pursuit again, (1) vs 8- and easily catches up with the panicked bandit, he swings his sword again, (10 again!) vs 4+ and hits (11, 4, 12, 7) easily dispatching the last hapless assailant.

Once again a doddle of a fight, with both bandits going down in one attack. Perhaps Pierre's profile was too overpowering for the low level threat put against him (I'm inclinded to lower the heroic/human averages). Makes me wonder what would happen if they managed to hit?! Hmm, once again something to mull over. I like the system however, and it allows me to break out the miniatures, something I'd really like.

Until next time Steve

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