Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Combat épisode trois

This time it's Fate 2.


[ ] Musketeer
[ ] Dandy
[ ] My father's blade
[ ] Winning smile
[ ] An eye for the ladies

Great Duelling
Good Acrobatics, Espionage
Fair Firearms, Alertness, Horsemanship
Average Carousing, Literacy, Etiquette, Seduction

Pierre hears the cry of someone and investigates to find a few bandits surrounding a young lady. He immediately draws his pistol and shoots. A Fair distance Firearms (+++-) with a Great shot (MoS 2) Pistol modifier +2, the Bandit is Hurt. The two bandits turn and gallop off, Pierre in pursuit. Horsemanship (+--+) Fair Pierre matches the bandits speed but digs in his spurs, Horsemanship (00--) Mediocre the horse doesn't respond but the bandits decide to turn and face him (I've got to test combat!).

Pierre draws his sword and charges at the injured one, Duelling (+0+-) Superb versus Average (MoS 4) Sword modifier +2, for MoS 6, Injured. He impales the bandit and turns to face the remaining one.
Duelling (-0++) Superb versus Fair (MoS 3) Sword modifier +2 for MoS 5, Injured. Pierre slashes the bandit across the arm and presses the attack.

Duelling (-+00) Great versus Average (MoS 3) Sword modifier +2 for MoS 5, Injured. Pierre then stabs the bandit who make a run for it. The remaining bandit suddenly attacks, Duelling (0++-) Superb versus Average, easily defending (Can't do damage just defending this second assault).
Pierre lauches a rispote, Duelling (0++0) Epic versus Average (MoS 5) Sword modifier +2 for MoS 7, Taken out. Seizing the opportunity Pierre slashes the man across the throat, sending him toppling off his horse.

Now that's more like it! An easy win for Pierre this one, perhaps too easy. I decided to keep static values for the bandits as it's easier to assume a 0 roll for NPCs. Pierre may well have outclassed them completely, but I guess that's part of what I wanted. I do like Fate, could I wriggle in Aspect compels into the Mythic structure? Probably yes if I ask the right questions. This combat did feel a little faster than FU, with perhaps slightly less narrative but the nature of the Adjective ladder certainly helps give an impression, a Superb thrust for example.

I could meld FU's/Fate 3's Conditions/Consequences onto this somehow, and/or try and introduce variable damage. You know, I think I may never decide!
Until next time Steve

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