Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Combat épisode une

OK, so I'll start with the easy ones. First up FU.


STYLE: Dashing
ROLE: Swordsman
ROLE: Agent
FLAW: Weakness for ladies
GEAR: Flashing blade
GEAR: Brace of pistols

High/Low method of result generation, rather than Beat the odds.

Pierre hears a female scream and takes a side road to investigate, he sees a few bandits harrasing a young female and immediately draws his pistols.

Does he hit? 1+Brace of pistols (5,6) Yes, and...

He hits one bandit clean in the chest AND knocks him off his horse. The other two seeing this immediately break into a gallop. Pierre gallops past the lady doffing his hat en route.

Does he catch the bandits easily? 1+Nothing (2) No. (I've got to fight so...)

After a long chase the bandits turn around to face him drawing their swords. Pierre charges into them.

Does he hit one? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-Bandits (5,6) Again! Yes, and...

He STABS one Bandit and SLASHES the other. The bandits retaliate.

Does he defend himself? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-Bandit+STABBED (4,3,4) Yes, but...

Pierre turns the blade of one attacker away but leaves himself OPEN (temporary).

Does he defend again? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-Bandit+SLASHED-OPEN (1,2) No

The bandit takes his chance and PIERCES Piere's side. Enraged Pierre attacks again.

Does he hit? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-PIERCED-Bandit+SLASHED (1,4) Yes, but...

Pierre batters the Bandit's sword aside but leaves himself OPEN again to the other bandit.

Can he defend from the bandit? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-PIERCED-OPEN-Bandit+STABBED (1) No, and...! FU Point! Re-roll (5) Yes

Pierre desperately turns aside the bandit's thrust and attacks once more.

Can he hit? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-PIERCED-Bandit+STABBED (4,4) Yes, but...

Pierre runs the bandit through again but the bandit just about holds on to his horse.

Can he defend himself? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-PIERCED-Bandit+SLASHED (4,2) Yes, but...

Pierre defends again but the other bandit recovers.

Can he defend himself? 1+Swordsman+Flashing blade-PIERCED-Bandit+STABBED (6,6)! Yes, and...

The bandit makes a wild swing at Pierre who simply ducks and RUNS HIM THROUGH. The other bandit seeing this gallops off Pierre deciding not to pursue because of his injury.

OK, so that's the first combat. It is very narrative heavy, leaving a lot to be decided by me but it does lead to interesting fights and shows Conditions can be pretty deadly. It's also fairly quick, I could have played that out in about a quarter of the time it took to write it so it's definitely still in the mix.
Until next time Steve

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