Wednesday, 29 February 2012

People in paper

Recently I've been dabbling in paper miniatures. I've always been fond of miniatures from my Advanced Heroquest and Games Workshop days and the girls love them too, so deciding on using AHQ for my solo musketeers game lets me make use of what I have lying around. Paper minis have many advantages:

Cheap - very important! And sometimes FREE!
Near infinite - need seven guards tonight? Just print some more.
Easy to decorate - I'm not a very good miniature painter, consequently I have not painted many of my minis and my younger brothers kept the painting gear when I moved away so I'd have to buy it all from scratch. Do you know how expensive that would be? Alternatively, paper minis - colouring pencils!
Dispensible - the kids come running through and trample your skirmish? Who cares! Try that with lead (or whatever it is these days) and see me weep.

They don't look as impressive - but as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the quality of paper minis I have is very high I'd say.
Stability - they tend to fall over if a strong breeze sweeps through! However I'm lazy and a bit of cardboard would work wonders.
Scissor ache - I'm left handed so that means spending twice as much on scissors, or using a quite stiff/tightened right handed pair, hence, scissor ache.

These are the few I've got relevant to my intended game:
Microtactix Vyllagers on the Cheap
Honour + Intrigue
SPARKS Yellow Jack & Rum
Gwindel's Paper miniatures Swashbucklers and Thrity Years War

The ones I'm most impressed with are the Microtactix Cheap folks, the Vyllagers on the cheap are perfect for filling that gap when the PC is in a crowded square with city guards after him. Just moving around a handful of minis doesn't cut it, I want to see the massed clumps and general melee, I want to know where to go, rather than a unspecified side alley.

They are also particularly good for me because I am so humano-centric in my games, I find elves and dwarfs and orcs and goblins so uninteresting. I believe that non-humans should be used sparingly and so humans become the focus of my gaming generally. I have plenty of knights, duelists and other era humans so some ordinary people are most welcome. Definitely recommended.

I also like the Microtactix Rural and Urban folks, but then I have a cop solo on the back burner too.

Until next time Steve

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