Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Solo resources

So now I have my system, what other resources am I going to use?

Mythic GME
A must, without this the game would go nowhere and be predictable. I don't know whether to stick to the standard chart or select one of the variations, like action/adventure, or maybe even swap for the current scene.

Mythic descriptions
A download from the Mythic Yahoo Group

Mythic Control Sheets
My own designed sheets, Excel spreadsheets on which I can record Characters, Places, Threads, Chaos Factor and Events.

The Everyone Everywhere list
Another must, randomly generate a name for anyone you meet. Alternatively I might use Serendipity, and the French male/female name generators, just generate 50 of each and tick them off when used, this has the advatage of being free.

Adventure generator?
I like the idea of an adventure generator, like the Terra Incognita Adventure Starter or the Starblazer Adventures ones, but musketter based. I can't find one and to amend the TIAS or SBA ones would take quite a while. I may just have to use Mythic.

Personality generator?
I'd like something to dictate what personality a person may have that comes to the fore. It is important that it is just the initial trait because Mythic will take over the plot once they are introduced. I guess I could just use the Mythic descriptions chart.

OK, so those are my dream/required resources for any solo role-playing. Now on to the specific ones for my gaming system.

I've really turned to paper miniatures recently, and I have some slap bang in this time frame so I'm sorted here really.

A variety of Ye Olde Inn's/Agin's Inn delightful Ron Shirtz tiles, Advanced Heroquest room and corridor tiles, Heroquest board, furniture and doors, some more doors from Greywolf's utterly brilliant site, Warhammer Quest tiles, AD&D Cities of Mystery village/city mapsheets (my younger brothers have the houses), Chessex battle mat, and finally some resin furniture and features. I think I'm well covered here! But I could always use more!

Until next time Steve

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