Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Well met sir!

So, I'm nearly there with everything I need to get going on my game. I'm just being hampered by my desire to have suitable encounter tables (you see this is where things all go wrong for me, always something else...).

OK, so I've made the decision, what should I do?

Commercial encounter tables
I could just pay to download one of a number of commercial tables at RPGNow etc. However they are nearly all for certain campaign settings, none of which seem to be human-only city and rural based with a certain French flavour. I think I am probably asking for too much.

Encounter tables I have
Well, I could just use the tables from Flashing Blades in particular, but I feel like they are not broad enough for me, and my other games either don't have encounter tables or are linked to that background setting (not unsurprisingly!).

I could just use Mythic, but this doesn't seem to fit somehow. Perhaps others could give me their opinions. I have asked in the Mythic Yahoo Group and got some decent suggestions I'm currently pondering on.

My own generic creation
As I've been thinking I've also been tinkering with a very broad category based system. For example Military, Religious, Noble, Government/Authority/Bureacratic etc.

For some reason writing this has made something click, how about using a variation on the random theme choice table in Mythic, i.e. Most appropriate, Second most, followed by my catgories...I'll give it a try and see what happens.

Until next time Steve

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