Friday, 9 March 2012

Elasticity of time

I've never really understood Einstein's relativity of time theory (I have only ever looked at it briefly in my defence), however that doesn't stop me wondering where my time goes.

I realise now that the luxury of miniatures is just a little too much, I need to streamline, so that means revisting my decision and instead selecting FU as my system. It's not a hard decision, FU is very light, and while AHQ allowed me to dream about minis, I just don't have the time to set it all up whenever I need to play.

This also adjusts my thinking on the random encouter tables. I'm going to go with Mythic, and if I need clarification I will roll on my new encounter chart:

1-40 Most expected category
41-65 Second most expected category
66-67 Arts/Entertainment
68-69 Authority
70-75 Civilian
76-77 Criminal
78 Medical
79-81 Merchantile
82-84 Military
85 Noble
86-87 Professional
88-89 Religious
90 Supernatural
91-100 Unusual

I'm also thinking of using this for the strength of the encounter, if I really need something random:

1-3 1d4 Mooks (1 Condition)
4-5 1d4 Mooks (2 Conditions)
6-7 1d4 Named (1 Condition)
8-9 1d4 Named (2 Conditions)
10 1d2 Full character

Until next time Steve

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