Friday, 23 March 2012

Themes and chart

OK, so last time I hashed together a very quick table to show how the card drawing mechanic could be used. I've pondered the table a little longer and come up with this, for the interim at least:

A PC positive
2 PC negative
3 NPC positive
4 NPC negative
5 Social
6 Senses
7 Item
8 Location
10 Escalation
J Subplot
Q Subplot progress
K Subplot complication
Joker Change a theme

I think this shows promise, alright it is similar to Mythic's focus table, but with the added theme it could work. Of course I could leave positive and negative out and require a Fate question to determine this, this would then give greater scope to include more types of event, perhaps a bit like this:

3 Social
4 Senses
5 Item
6 Location
7 Escalation
8 Subplot
9 Subplot interruption
10 Subplot alteration
J Physical
Q Intellectual
K Combat

As to themes, there are so many, just to start:
Love, Desire, Tragedy, Fortune, Personal, Action, Mystery, Specific character goal/motiviation, Monstrous, Friends, Enemies, Horror, Crime, Mundane, Mystical, Fantastic, People, Martial, Economic, Warfare, Weather/Environmental, Religon, Social, Alien, Family, Government/Authority, Zombies!, Physical, Intellectual, Nemesis/Joker/<Insert named archenemy here>, Darkness, Romance, Glory, Courtly favour, Saxons/Trojans/<Insert people type here>, Police

I've not thought these through connected to the tables, just chucked them out of my subconcious so many may not entirely fit but I hope this gives some you ideas if you want to playtest, and please do!
Also don't forget to use your themes to inform your questions. A Zombies!, Action!x2, Darkness game would require questions like 'Is the zombie unarmed?', 'Is it light enough to see?', 'Does the door hold?'. While a Mystery game might have more questions like 'Are there any tracks?', 'Can I hear anything?', 'Are there any knives in the kitchen?'. Only a subtle difference but one will build tension, while pure action demands that it is in your face.

To chuck in another alternative that occured to me, you could treat Spades as Positive, Hearts Negative, Diamonds Ambiguous and Clubs as New, rather than have any themes at all (at least tied to the cards), hmmm.

I guess now I just need to find the time to sit down and playtest all of these designs and see which work best, or at all!

Until next time Steve

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