Friday, 30 March 2012

Playing around

So, I've had very little time to play around with some of my options. When I have though they do work, maybe need a few more play runs to get them fine tuned, but it is very quick and it does lead from one thing to another. However there are some ground rules needed I believe:

Plenty of goals
Each character needs at least one or two goals, possibly more. These can be personal goals, and probably should be, this ensures that there is always something to do and means that different goals can be affected by events, where they are more appropriate to the circumstances.

Still need to keep a list of NPCs that can be referrenced back to. I think that maybe I was a little harsh on this on my previous post, if I were gaming face to face I'd have to keep a list of NPCs anyway so the fact I'm going solo just pushes that responsiblity onto me.

Random encounters
I feel like I need random encounter tables. Just drawing the cards tells me something, it just doesn't fill in the complete picture. If you've read the rest of the blog you will know that I've struggled with this in the past anyway, so it's nothing new!

A mission
The game needs to set off with a specific mission I feel, or to decide on one very soon into play. I admit I could be completely wrong, but if there isn't a mission then one of the player drives/goals needs to be substituted in otherwise there is nowhere to go (a fairly common complaint with sandbox-style games). Ideally the mission should be multi-faceted, having only one clear goal doesn't give much scope for subplots that can derail the game and lead to intrigue and excitement. It might be a requirement to have a random mission generator, undecided as yet.

So where do I go with this? I guess I need to source the following:

A big list of character goals (I guess it's lucky I've got one of them floating around somewhere for a long forgotten project! I will post it if people are interested)

Random encounter tables (I have got a few, but generic ones are never generic enough for me, there's always some bias, usually towards fantasy, I'd like to create my own. In the meantime I'll state my references)

Mission generator (again I have a few, I'd really like to sit down and make a truly generic one that could be used for this system. Again I'll state my references)

Name lists (thankfully I have The Everyone Everywhere List, the best money a soloist can spend! But I still need ones for other settings, villages, ships etc.)

Until next time Steve

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