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Clone Wars: Episode 1

OK, so I promised it so here it is.

First up some pointers. The questions as written were as they came to me, this means that some appear beneficial and others negative to the characters. Whereas in Mythic you tend to try and liven things up by asking negative questions, with this system you simply flip the Bonus and Penalty dice depending on the nature of the question.

For example "Is it dark?" if I thought this likely I'd assign 1 Bonus die. "Can I see?" if I thought this Unlikely 1 Penaty die. These are basically the same question just one requires a Penalty die and one a Bonus die based on the phrasing.

So as you may see there may be a bit of linguistic twister thrown in but hopefully you can follow it.

Another amendment I've made is deciding that matching the result die rolled is pretty pointless, it is so much easier to remember that a 1 rolled on the d20 is an event that I just went with that. To recap a d20 is used to match the probability of an event using Mythic at Chaos Factor 5.

A point I realised part way through was that I was rolling when normally it would just be a skill check, this is an extension of the rules really beyond their remit as a Mythic replacer so some of the rolls should actually have generated a random event.

Final point, a d20 is probably not enough, I might use a d12 next time or d10. I guess this is because in Mythic the CF builds as the adventure reaches a climax, so the chance of a random event increases. This means that sticking to CF5 is probably too low, I'll look into the probabilities and make another post soon.



Jo-Sun Wi
Female human Jedi
Flawed Commando
Jedi robes
Very calm in adversity


Sev Linus
Male human Jedi Padawan
Flawed Flyboy
Padawan braid
A bit brash
Rushes in too fast

VOICE OVER: On the remote planet Kilanna in the outer rim, Separatist forces have subdued the local population under the Command of local traitors. Emergency request to the Galactic Republic for liberation is answered by the Jedi Council, sending Jedi Master Jo-Sun Wi and her Padawan Sev Linus to free the populous.


Location: Gunship over the jungle planet of Kilanna in the Outer Rim

"So we're going to try and find a way to shut down the Separatists' force field? About time," said Sev

"Not so fast my apprentice," Jo-Sun admonished, "rushing into action does not allow one time to feel the will of the Force."

Are there any troubles reaching their destination? 1 Bonus Yes but...

Suddenly the pilot gave out a warning about incoming missiles but they were easily evaded.

"So, they know we are coming," Jo-Sun stated.

"Indeed, which makes things more interesting."

Jo-Sun just shook her head.

Are there any more troubles before landing? No and...

Soon the gunship had dropped down and disgorged it's cargo of Jedi and Clone Troopers.

Looking around do they see anything? 1 Bonus Yes

Is it Battle droids? 1 Bonus Yes but...

Sev drops and sees battle droids just into the trees. They don't seem to have noticed them.

"Hold fire," Jo-Sun says and jumps into the trees Sev following closely.

Does Jo-Sun destroy a battle droid? 1 Bonus Yes but...

Jo-Sun slices through a droid but it spasmodically fires into the air.

Does Sev destroy a droid? 2 Bonus Yes and...

Sev lands and the battle droid falls into two pieces, as another turns towards him he spins and slices off its head.

Are there any droids remaining? No and...

After the flash of blades and gun shot the Jedi stand still and cannot detect any further droids in the area. The troopers come up behind them.

Is it far to the objective? 1 Bonus Yes and...

"Sir," Commander Buff says, "the objective is 2 kilometres that way, but we would have to cross a lake. The alternative is 5 kilometres that way."

"Are you sure this was the best place to drop us?" Sev enquires.

"Yes Padawan, I looked at the maps myself," Master Wi replies. "OK squad move out this way," indicating the long hike.

"Oh, no," Sev sighs.

Are there any encounters on the way? 1 Bonus No - EVENT

6 of Spades a Positive Intellectual

The group were surprised to avoid any droid patrols, and the intelligence gathered proved to be accurate as they found the passage to enter the target building.

Are there any enemies present? 2 Bonus! No!

The entrance was unguarded as they crossed the clearing to the passage. Master Wi ignited her lightsabre.

Can she cut through the bars? 1 Bonus No

"These bars must be ray shielded, my lightsabre isn't able to cut through them," Jo-Sun stated as she motioned a trooper forward. The trooper laid charges and the group retreated. "I was hoping to avoid this," Jo-Sun sighed.

"Never mind Master, it just means we might get to see some action."

Jo-Sun shook her head, "when will you learn young Padawan."

Do the detonators work? 2 Bonus Yes

The entrance is clouded in dust and debris before it clears to reveal the entrance blown open.

Does it attract any attention? 1 Bonus Yes

As the group run towards the tunnel a STAP appears and begins firing its blasters. Sev jumps back and blocks the incoming bolts.

Can he redirect them to the STAP? 2 Bonus Yes but...

The STAP explodes, but almost immediately another takes it place.

"Come, quickly Padawan," Master Wi calls from the tunnel entrance. Sev turns and runs.

Does he make it to the tunnel? 1 Bonus Yes and...

Sev runs into the tunnel as one of the troopers steps out and blasts the droid, sending the STAP crashing into the jungle. "Thank you," Sev says breathlessly.

"No trouble sir," the trooper replies.

Are they alone in the tunnel? 1 Penalty No and...

"I'm picking up something on the sensors Master Wi," one of the troopers calls out.

Is it droids? Yes but...

"It's clankers, but they've got something else with them sir."

"Thank you trooper, can you tell what it is?"

1 Penalty Yes but...

"Yes sir, it appears to be humanoid but I can't tell anything else."

Jo-Sun closes her eyes and stretches her hand forward.

Does she detect anything? No and...

A puzzled look crosses her face, "that's strange I cannot detect anything, almost as if I am being blocked. Be on your guard Sev, my senses are giving me strange warnings." Sev nodded.

The group continued on at a cautious pace reaching a t-junction.

Do the readings come from one direction? No

"Sir, we have readings from both directions."

"What about the unknown entity?" Sev enquired.

Is that left? Yes, but...

Is that the direction they should go? 1 Bonus! No

"Sir, the unknown is to the left, but it also don't read many clankers. The right is teeming with them."

"OK, thank you trooper," Jo-Sun said, "unfortunately our intelligence says head right at this point. Come on."

Sev glanced back.

"In some ways Padawan I am relieved, I've got a bad feeling coming from that direction."

"Even more reason to head that way then, surely?"

"No Padawan, do not forget our mission, countless lives are depending on us, now come quickly before whatever it is is upon us."

Do they encounter droids before they reach their destination? 2 Bonus Yes

Just as the group rounds the corner the troopers open fire.

Are there many droids? No, but...

In the group's way stands a Droideka destroyer droid, the troopers fire is bouncing harmless off of its shields. Jo-Sun stretchs out her hand and crushes her fingers.

Does this destroy the Droideka? Yes but... EVENT

2 of Spades Positive NPC

The Droideka crumples into metallic parts but droids appear behind it. The troopers lay down a hail of bolts and the droids are cut to shreds. "Clear" they all shout before returning to their positions along the tunnel walls and advancing.

Do they reach their destination before any further incident? Yes

Eventually the group reaches the end of the tunnel and look out on a large hall before them. "Do we know the direction of the power supply or control room," asks Sev.

Do they know the direction? 1 Bonus No but... EVENT

Queen of Clubs Ambiguous Escalation

"No sir, our scout team weren't able to gather more intel without announcing their arrival."

"Look," Jo-Sun said pointing out into the large room, "our problems could be getting worse."

Standing in the hall were the local Separatist leaders.

Are we undetected? No but...

Almost as soon as Jo-Sun spoke the Separatists turned and pointed in the tunnel's direction. Thankfully there were only a handful of droids in the vast hall as the leaders made a run towards the turbo lifts.

"Don't kill them," Master Wi said as she ignited her lightsabre and leapt to face an onrushing battle droid.

Does she destroy it? 1 Bonus Yes and...

Slicing it in two she deflected another bolt into a nearby droid.

Sev leapt out to join her.

Does he destroy a droid? 2 Bonus Yes and... EVENT

3 of Spades Social Positive

Twirling his blade his decapitates one droid before flipping on landing and slicing the final droid in two. "Nicely done sir," a trooper said clapping him on the back.

Are the Separatist leaders still here? 1 Penalty Yes

Looking up Jo-Sun saw the leaders desperately trying to call a turbo lift. She opens her hand over droid remains before flinging them at the lift.

Does she stop the Separatists from escaping? Yes

The Separatists duck as the droid body parts crash into the turbo lift doors, buckling them.

Do the troopers surround them? Yes and...

Before they have recovered the troopers are stood around them pointing their blasters directly at them.

"Stay here," Master Wi says, "Sev, follow me, we have a shield to deactivate."

Is there another turbo lift? 1 Bonus No but...

Nearby there are some stairs and the duo race up them to the next level.

Is this where the power supply or control room is? No

Is it supplies? No but...

The Jedi find themselves in an armoury. "This must be where the Separatists are keeping their weapons, shall we destroy them Master?"

"No Sev, hopefully our actions today should negate the need for them. Come on we must hurry."

Is there another way up? Yes but...

As the door slid up they saw two turbo lifts, but also a dozen droids.

Are there any more? No.

A smile came across Sev's face as he jumped out.

Can he destroy a droid? 2 Bonus No but...

The nearest droid just turned and managed to avoid Sev's sweep, before they all opened fire on him forcing him to deflect them.

Jo-Sun stepped out to reveal herself.

Can she destroy any droids? 1 Bonus Yes

She immediately sliced through one unaware droid and flipped towards another.

Can Sev defend himself? 2 Bonus Yes and...

Sev settled into the Force allowing it to guide his hand and deflect two bolts into nearby droids. Seizing the chance he leapt up to avoid the droids' fire.

Can Jo-Sun destroy more droids? 1 Bonus Yes and...

As Jo-Sun dsecended from her flip she swept the head off one droid and landed parting another droid down the middle.

Can Sev destroy more droids? 2 Bonus Yes

As Sev came down he deflected several shots before landing and impaling a droid. The fight was now more even, and the droids began stepping away realising some distance may help to preserve them.

Master Jo-Sun Wi closed her eyes and swept her hand quickly across the group.

Does she scatter any? 1 Bonus Yes

A few droids tumble sideways and Sev races up to them.

Does he destroy them? 2 Bonus Yes but...

Sev makes quick work of the three prone droids but a droid's shot succeeds in disarming him.

Jo-Sun's eyes widen and she leaps in front of Sev to defend him from the remaining blasters.

Can Jo-Sun defend them both? 1 Bonus Yes

She expertly deflects the bolts of the three remaining droids allowing Sev to recover his lost lightsabre.

Joining her side he attempts redirect the incoming bolts.

Can he deflect the bolts back? 2 Bonus No

Finding the remaining droids stubborn he cannot deflect their shots and makes a sudden charge.

Can he destroy the droids? 1 Bonus Yes but...

Sev sliced the first droid before spinning to cut the second in two, turning to the final droid he receives a grazing hit to his shoulder before burying his blade into its bodywork.

"What have I told you about patience," Jo-Sun said running over, "here, let me take a look."

Sev held out his arm for his Master to inspect gritting his teeth in the process.

Can Jo-Sun help Sev? No but...

"Well, there's nothing I can do now, but it does not look bad, a medi-droid should be able to patch you back up when we return to the ship. Now stay back and be more careful," Jo-Sun admonished.

"OK, Master," Sev replied feeling foolish.

The pair entered the turbo lift aiming for the top floor.

Is that the location of the control room? 2 Bonus (it always is!) Yes

Stepping out of the lift, they see the local Separatist commander.

Is there anyone or thing else there beyond ordinary droids? 1 Bonus Yes

Is it just more advanced droids? Yes

Magna droids? 1 Penalty No and...

As well as Super Battle Droids, although they appear in some disrepair. The pair light their blades and step forwards.

"Give it up Commander," Master Wi shouts as the Super Battle Droids extend their arms to reveal their blasters.

"Ah, Jedi," the blue skinned Kilannan replied, "I should have expected as much. If truth is to be believed you will make short work of the droids, and easily capture me, but having seen these droids in action I seriously doubt that. ATTACK!" and with that the droids opened fire.

Can Sev defend himself? 1 Bonus Yes and...

Sev sent one bolt into the face of one of the Super Battle Droids before advancing on another.

Can Jo-Sun defend herself? 1 Bonus Yes and...

His Master in reply deflected several shots before sweeping low and cutting one droid down at the knees to crash down on the metal grilled flooring.

Can Sev defeat the Super Battle Droid? Yes and...

Sev plunged his lightsabre into the droid's casing causing it to spark and fall backwards, he easily deflected the next droid's shot back onto itself, leaving him facing the Commander.

Can Jo-Sun defeat the remaining Super Battle Droids? 1 Bonus No but... EVENT

2 of Diamonds NPC New (Argh I was wrong last time Clubs is something new, not Ambiguous, still I'll just reverse them today!)

As Jo-Sun advanced on the final Super Battle Droids they managed to fire a mass volley of bolts that Jo-Sun had to defend against.

As she did the turbo lift doors opened.

Is it some of the troopers? Yes but...

In rushed some of the troopers left in the hall and opened fire on the droids and the Commander.

Do they destroy the droids? Yes and...

Do they kill the Commander? No and...EVENT

9 of Spades Senses Positive

The Super Battle Droids are no match for the unexpected reinforcements and are blown to pieces, as is most of the control equipment. They also manage to disarm the Commander who had drawn a concealed blaster.

Outside they could see the red haze that had been protecting the Separatist base dissipate, and almost immediately a trooper received a call from the Republic force asking him to confirm that the shield had been destroyed.

"Commander," Master Wi said looking down on the Kilannan, "you are coming with me, have you been convinced of the rumours?"


Do the troopers still have the other Separatist leaders? 1 Bonus Yes and...

As the sun was setting in the distance Master Jo-Sun Wi and Padawan Sev Linus oversaw the loading of the Separatist leaders onto a Republic Gunship. They would be transported back the ship to stand trial for the alledged war crimes. Master Wi turned to the troop Commander.

"Commander Buff, what made you send your men up to the control room?" asked Master Wi.

"We had contact with that unknown from the tunnels," he replied.

Was it a giant animal? Yes but... (it was smaller)

Was it a spider? No and... (it wasn't mammalian)

Was it a snake? No but...(it was cold blooded)

"It was a young Kilannan reptile, one of the men managed to subdue it, once we had dealt with the clankers of course."

"Good job Commander, we these lot in prison it should bring some stability to the region - at least for now."


Until next time Steve

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  1. Good story, seemed to flow pretty well. I got a little lost on the mechanics, but I must admit that I skimmed them awhile back.