Thursday, 5 April 2012

Coming to the internet near you - 16th April

OK, I'm not very far with my playtesting, work has just been really busy lately and getting the time seems impossible. In addition to this I have next week off so I won't be posting then (I post around my work times), however this does hopefully mean that I will actually find time to advance my proposed system a lot!

So when I'm back look out for a full play report or maybe even two as I test out and refine the system. For now I've dropped my Cardinal's Blade game, I think so that everyone can appreciate the difference I'm going to stick to that universal background - Star Wars!

I'm going to go for a Clone Wars period as this allows instant conflict, and as is normal, I'm staying away from the canon characters as much as possible. If I encounter a Sith Apprentice then I'll throw in a Ventress-a-like but I guess I should just wait and see, as that's what solo roleplaying's about!

So signing off for now but coming back to the internet near you on 16th April 2012.

Until next time Steve

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