Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fate of Danger Patrol

Taking a leaf from Spacejacker's write up I am going to label my questions as either mechanics or Fate questions. This helps to deferentiate where I am using FU and where I am using it as the basis of the story driver. I am going to stick to only allowing events when I am asking a Fate question, my labels will be:

? Fate question
! Mechanics question

What this means is that those using something other than FU for your game will be able to see the parts that apply to you more clearly as I am essentially using FU for every type of question, clearly where I use cards this is to generate a random event and so is part of the story system. I hope this is clear, but any questions please use the comments, thanks.

In this run through I am going to be using my themed deck, I have decided that this is a SECOND card drawn to lend an aid to interpretation, the deck keys as follows:

Spades Action
Hearts Romance
Diamonds Danger!
Clubs Suspense

Tex Butler
STYLE: Two fisted
ROLE: Flyboy
ROLE: Commando
FLAW: Professor
GEAR: Raygun
GEAR: Rocketpack
SUBPLOT: Revenge on the Crimson Republic for his father's death
SUBPLOT: To make Glenda Kendell love him

Professor Nathan Jakowski
STYLE: Psychic
ROLE: Professor
ROLE: Explorer
FLAW: Warrior
GEAR: Omni scanner
GEAR: Utility belt & med kit
SUBPLOT: To make his old Professor proud of his achievements
SUBPLOT: To make some great new scientific discovery

Miss Glenda "Bun" Kendell
STYLE: Intrepid
ROLE: Agent
ROLE: Detective
FLAW: Daredevil
GEAR: Electro blaster
GEAR: Disguise kit
SUBPLOT: To protect Rocket City
SUBPLOT: To settle down and have a family

Mission generation, done using Starblazer Adventures.
Mission type [4]: Item/Object
Item [4] [1]: Banned book
Complication (used as hook) [1] [4]: Critical item stolen (What a roll!)
Location [4] (again!): Orbital
Orbital location [1]: Orbital defence platform
Who? (For the opposition) [5] [5]: Unusual lifeform

Previously on Danger Patrol...
5 of Diamonds Ambiguous Physical
6 of Diamonds Ambiguous Intellectual
Jack of Spades Positive Location
Tex Butler struggles hand to hand with unknown aliens on the planet Neptune, while his compatriots look on, chained to a cave wall.

The Professor stares at a series of glass beakers and tubes, bubbling with a strange liquid and creating a cloud of smoke, "I just don't understand it!"

Bun stands on the lip of a crater with her Patrol members all wearing their bubble helmets, "I remember this place!" she suddenly cries.



Danger Patrol in the Battle for the Trans-dimensional Knowledge

Danger Patrol, led by the Two-fisted Commando Tex Butler find themselves on the Orbital Defence Platform at the end of the solar system. Hotly pursuing a shape changing alien in possession of the banned book Trans-dimensional Knowledge by the esteemed Professor Elbert Kilbourne, they have run into trouble.

SbA Bad guy [4] [2] Renegade mutant

Standing before them is the enormous renegade mutant Mmusi.

Tex Butler immediately draws his raygun and fires.

! Does he hit (Commando)? 2 Bonus Yes and...

Tex's shot seems to take the mutant unaware and sends him sprawling onto his back INJURED. Seeing this Bun jumps onto the mutant and tries to cuff it.

! Does she manage to cuff the mutant (Detective)? 1 Bonus No

The enourmous mutant stirs and shrugs her off before rolling surprisingly quickly and getting to its feet. The Professor tries to use logic and kick the mutant's feet from under it.

! Does the Professor succeed (Warrior)? 1 Penalty Yes but...

The Professor aims his kick perfectly INJURING it further, but unfortunately the heavy mutant crashes down on top of him CRUSHING him. The remaining Patrol members immediately leap to his aid, trying to roll the mutant off him.

! Do they succeed (Warrior)? 1 Bonus No but...

Heave as they might, they find themselves unable to lift the bulk of the huge mutant until it rolls to one side once again to get to its feet.

"I've had enough of this," Tex bellows, before firing his raygun once again at the beast.

! Does he injure it(Commando)? 2 Bonus Yes but...

The heat ray shoots out hitting the thing in its shoulder. ENRAGED, it strikes out, knocking the raygun from Tex's grasp. Bun draws her own raygun to fire at the beast.

! Does she injure it (Commando)? No and...

Firing wildly she misses it and draws its attention, it swings one hand and knocks her sideways into the wall, CONCUSSING her.

? Can the Professor move? No but...

The Professor finds himself groggy on the floor, but close to hand is Tex's raygun, picking it up he throws it to his captain.

! Does he throw it well (Commando)? Yes but...

As Tex catches his raygun the beast steps up to him and swings its arm again.

! Can Tex dodge (Warrior)? No but...

Tex is knocked back against the wall, but is unhurt, levelling his raygun he fires again.

! Does he injure the mutant (Commando)? 1 Bonus Yes and...

Tex sends his last shot straight between the eyes of the mutant and it collapses on the Platform's deck, INERT.

? Does Bun recover? Yes but...

Bun shakes her head, but still feels woozy, she races over to the Professor to give him aid.

! Can she help (Explorer)? Yes and...

She pulls the Professor upright who thanks her and stretches his arms, "I think I'm OK? What about everyone else?"

"I'm OK," Tex responds, "but I'm not sure about Miss Kendell."

"OK, my dear, you sit down here, Ill make sure you're OK."

! Can the Professor help Glenda (Explorer)? 1 Bonus No but...

"Ah, it's OK my dear, you will feel slightly unsteady for a while but it will heal soon enough," the Professor said comfortingly.

"Thank you, Professor Jakowski."

"That's quite alright dear."

"Now," Tex interupted, "we need to find out where are slippery agent is, and how this "thing" managed to be here."

? Do people turn up? Yes

? Are they security? 1 Bonus No

? Are they enemy? 1 Bonus Yes but...

SbA Bad guy [6] [1] Lawyer!

Suddenly hurriedly round the corner comes a smartly dressed gentleman, but upon seeing Danger Patrol he immediately turns and tries to flee.

"Leave him to me," Tex calls as he starts chasing him.

! Does Tex catch him (Daredevil)? 1 Bonus No

When Tex rounds the corner he cannot see anybody, "damn, he must have gone through one of the doors" he says pushing a button.

? Is it open? Yes

With a hiss the door slides open.

? Is it dark? 1 Bonus Yes

To reveal a dark room, Tex switches on the light.

? Is there anybody in here? Yes but... (they try to leave)

? Is it someone innocent? No and... (they are armed)

? Is it the lawyer? No but... (they are looking shifty)

Tex stands facing a shifty looking character who makes a dash for the door.

! Can Tex intercept him (Warrior)? Yes

? Does he have a chance to shoot? Yes

Tex side steps into his path and the assailant raises an electro-blaster, "get out of my way mister!"

Tex reaches for his gun.

! Can he draw it and fire (Commando)? Yes and...

Tex draws and fires the heat ray into the assailants chest, knocking him down.

? Is he dead? No but...

Tex kneels next to him, checking for vital signs, it is clear that he is alive, but barely, "tell me, why did you attack me?"

! Does the assailant say anything (Detective)? Yes

? Does he reveal his boss? 1 Bonus Yes EVENT

Ace of Diamonds, 10 of Hearts. Ambiguous PC/Ally event with Romance

"I was told to stay behind and attack if-if you came," the assailaint said weakly, "th-that damned lawyer, I curse him."

Suddenly Bun and the Professor came in, "oh Tex," Bun said, "I thought you might have been hurt." She flung her arms around his neck, and as Tex went to hug her back she pulled away, as if she suddenly realised what she had done.

"This man seems some part of the group that had Mmusi," Tex said, "see if you can help him Professor."

"Of course," the Professor replied and begun to assess the damage.

! Can the Professor help? 1 Bonus No but...

"I'm sorry there's nothing I can do," he said quietly, "but you may be able to get some more information out of him."

"OK, I'll try," Bun said.

! Does Bun succeed (Agent)? 1 Bonus Yes and...

? Is the lawyer a Crimson Republic agent? Yes but...

Trying gently to coax information out of him Bun learns that the lawyer is Sergejus Chertnetski, working for the Crimson Republic, but reckons something was wrong, as though he was operating without support.

? Does the man know about the missing book? No but...

The man shook his head, "I don't know anything about a book, but I do know that he was here to meet someone."

? Does the man reveal anything more? 1 Penalty No and...

"I'm afraid he's gone," Bun said sadly.

"So," Tex summarised, "this Crimson Republic agent, Chernetski, appears to be in league with our cunning shape shifter, although we have no proof, and operating independently."

"You could draw those conclusions," the Professor agreed.

"Now, they can't have gone far, let's see if we can catch them."

The team run down the corridor trying more buttons.

? Do any other doors open? Yes

? Do they reveal anyone they are after? Yes and... EVENT

7 of Diamonds, Hearts. Ambiguous emotional event involving Romance.

The door in front of Bun hissed open to reveal a smartly dressed man carrying a book, and a raygun. "Please, sit down," the man said as he motioned to an empty chair. Bun complied while the man walked out the room, Tex and the Professor saw him.

"Do you know what this is?" the man asked.

"It's a remote detonator," the Professor identified.

"Quite correct, now if either of you try and follow me, or do me injury I will immediately depress this button. This will cause the small explosive I have left in the room to detonate. Oh do not worry my dear," he said to Bun, "it is quite sufficient to kill you in that apartment."

With that the man walked backwards, carrying the book and detonator.

As soon as he was out of sight, Tex shouted "run!" and Bun ran for the door.

! Does she make it out uninjured (Daredevil)? 1 Penalty No but...

Just as Bun got to the doorway the explosion ripped through the apartment sending debris and Bun out across the corridor, as the dust settled Tex ran in to check on her.

"Bun, are you OK."

"Yes, I'm fine, just gashed my leg a bit," she said holding her calf.

"Good, we'll get you patched up as soon as possible, then we're after that man!"


Until next time Steve


  1. This is awesome. I've just joined the FU Yahoo group and am planning to switch my ongoing solo RPG from Mythic to FU. My only concern is representing levels of skill. Do you find it's necessary to add a skill level mechanic? For example, a pulp hero may have a "fisticuffs" edge, but that certainly doesn't make him Captain America in a fight. How does one represent really extraordinary skill in FU?

    1. I'm going to write a full post on this with some of my own views in a few days, hopefully you will find it useful.