Monday, 30 April 2012

It's a goal!

OK so the other day I alluded to character goals/issues/drives/motives/whatever, and said I had a list for another project. Well I found them and dusted them off and present the following for your use and abuse:


Somebody has done something to somebody else, or you, and you want revenge.


You want, secretly or not, to find a lost thing or person or place.


Somebody has someone you want back, and you plan to get them.


You want to be wealthy, to acquire the trappings and advantages of wealth, or to own land of some description.


You want influence, to be in control, to be acknowledged as a leader.

Skill or Career/Profession

You want to be the best you can be, the top fencer in France, a world leading scientist, or chess player, or even just to attain, or keep, or be accepted in a job of any or whatever kind.


You want fame or glory, for your own ends, for your family line, as a stepping stone to something else.

To be normal

Something has happened to you and you want to return to your previous state of mental, physical, emotional etc. well being.


You did something you feel deeply ashamed of, or you are seeking a pardon and may or may not care about your original misdemeanour, but you need to do something to put it right, if that's even possible.


You have a hated enemy you want to destroy, humiliate, or somehow else make them suffer. Or perhaps they are after you, constantly hounding you and forcing you on.


You signed up for whatever you are in now. Perhaps given the chance you wouldn't be hunting alien beings, but if you desert it's a spell in choky, or even death.


You feel you need to protect someone or thing, the Earth from Doctor Diabolical, your run away lover Amlie Dacourt the governor's daughter, England.


Perhaps an extension of protection, maybe your family, maybe Mademoiselle Dacourt has requested to be kept in the manner she is accustomed, whatever it is you do it for love, or even the promise of love.


A witch hunter, seeking and destroying demons in the name of God, a paladin striking down the undead, a Catholic hunting Huguenots, even a Professor seeking to stop a demonic ritual with his faith in God.


You want to destroy someone or thing, this could be in revenge, but equally could be a pre-emptive strike


You after something intangible, like the knowledge of teleportation, or anti-matter, or even where your super powers came from. It can also be a remedy for the salvation of man, or your town, or country, or you.


You know where the Whatsit of Doom is, you just need to be able to get it somehow.


All of the above are subject to the following additional considerations:


Who, or what is trying to stop you. They clearly either the same thing or the complete opposite thing to the character. So you want to protect Danger City, but they wish to conquer it.


Is there some sort of time limit? Has your sister been gone for a long time? Does the ritual to end the world occur when the stars are right?

Other complication

Is the All Powerful Thingy located on the other side of the world, at a polar ice cap, who-knows-where?


So, you can destroy the Robotic Ravagers leader, or you can find out where the bomb is? How determined are you complete your goal, what will you do to attain it? Personal or innocents sacrifice? No morals or remorse?


So you rescued your sister from the evil cult, is that enough, or do you now want revenge on them all, their leader, or the foul demon manipulating them all?

For the solo-ist I find having at least one of these, in addition to a specific mission for the adventure, and often two or more as the character develops, helps to give a reasoning to the character's struggles and makes you think what they may do, and how far they may go to attain them. It also gives great ammunition to throw at the character, those weren't just any thugs, they were Schee Ming's goons!

Until next time Steve

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