Thursday, 26 April 2012

Poll position

So I have a lot of ideas that I could use for my next solo role-playing session, I really can't decide wihhc one to pick myself so I thought I might throw it open to you lot, my dear readers.

I'll detail each selection below and then attempt to add a poll at the bottom, with my coding skills (even using Blogger) this could go disasterously!

I've included the detail of the main adventuring party, so you get more of a flavour of the game idea. All games will be run using my FU/card based system, and the game mechanics will also be controlled by FU. Anyway here are my current choices:

Blade Runner

Investigating a possible Nexus related murder. One character.

Cardinal's Blades
French Musketeers investigating demons and black magic. Small troupe with favoured character.

Danger Patrol
Another randomly generated pulp sci-fi mission for Tex Butler's Patrol. Small troupe.


For something completely different, a young footballer's (soccer) career. One character.

GTA Liberty City
A young ganger returning to Liberty City to find his sister or girlfriend. One character.


International Special Forces, think GI Joe/Action Force, against The Wolf Brigade. Ensemble.

Lytton PD
Just another day in the fight against drugs in an 80s small town (a la Police Quest games). Rookie cop and his mentor.


A small gang of Necromundan Clan warriors. Small-ish troupe with favoured character.

I created the FU Pirates hack, but felt washed out by it straight after, but now I could easily return. Ensemble with favoured character.

Star Wars
Another randomly generated Clone Wars mission. The young Padawan Sev Linus, and their Master, Jo-Sun Wi.


Kensai (sword master), the Illusionist, and The Disc (gadgeteer) against The Skull and her minions. Small troupe. 


Continuation of John Regent (although a different story) as detailed earlier in my blogging 'career'. One character.

Swords & sorcery
Standard hack and slash setting. A small troupe with favoured character.

A young thief in a fantasy/cyberpunk city. The thief and his friend.

Witch Hunter

Think Solomon Kane, Witch Hunter: the Invisible World, Warhammer Fantasy etc, set in Dorset, UK. One man and his lackey.

Fighting alien invaders with elite special ops teams and the world's best scientists. Ensemble.

It's quite a list, and probably misses some ideas I've had recently. So now I am totally in your hands, please feel free to select whichever one you want me to tackle. The poll closes in about a week.

Until next time Steve


  1. I voted Blade Runner as that is easily my favorite movie (and I have many). GTA was my next choice, but I was also intrigued by the sports theme. Looking forward to seeing this in action!

  2. Cardinal's Blades! That sounds friggin' terrific! If you don't, I may just steal that idea...