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Quick, come back, it's starting again!

Ah, the childhood memories, I guess with TV hard drives this phrase will disappear from memory, anyway.


So you rejoin us as our intrepid heroes have narrowly escaped an explosion, but have they just let a Crimson Republic agent escape? How is the mysterious alien tied up in this? What exactly do the Crimson Republic have in store with the banned book? Do they have Trans-Dimensional plans? Is Miss Glenda "Bun" Kendell able to continue the pursuit? Find out and more in the conclusion of this thrilling adventure!

"Are you OK?" Tex asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," Bun replied.

"If we can get you back to the ship I will be able to sort out these wounds," Professor Nathan Jakowski said as he helped her to her feet.

"Don't worry about me," Bun said, "get after that agent."

With that Tex turned and ran the way the book had been taken.

? Has the man disappeared? 1 Bonus Yes and...

"Damn," Tex muttered as the corridor was empty. He then heard a noise and turned to look out of the large window, and saw a craft leaving the Orbital Defence Platform. "That must be them."

Returning to the others he told them what he had seen and urged them to the rocketship as soon as possible.

? Do they make it to the ship quickly? No and...

? Do they encounter someone on the way? No

? Is it a security holdup? Yes

Unfortunately with Bun's injuries the group makes slow progress and upon reaching the docking area they are stopped by the platform's security.

"Excude me sir, have you been involved in an incident on the 23rd level?" the officer asked Tex.

"Yes, we have been after a Crimson Republic agent who has stolen a most important tome from Rocket City."

"I'm sorry sir, we are a neutral station here, I can't let you leave without the incident being investigated."

At this point Bun stepped in.

! Does she persuade the officer to let them leave (Agent)+ Injuries? 2 Bonus Yes and...

"Excuse me officer - um, Crowley, but we need to get after that agent, otherwise we can't be sure what will happen to the solar system. Plus if you let us through I will be able to get these injuries seen on our ship. If you're worried that we may disappear, there, here's my card, feel free to call it and I and my superiors will gladly do whatever you want after this mission has been completed."

"Erm, well, OK Miss - Kendell. Seeing as you are injured and the, er, assurances that you have given me, on this occasion I am willing to let you go. Oh, and just one other thing, I believe that the people you have been looking for requested clearance for Neptune, now on your way," and he tipped his hat.

Tex just looked at Bun as she limped over to the rocketship, and had to catch up shaking his head.

"Well, that was easy enough, Tex, think you can catch our fugitive's up?" Bun asked.

"Of course," he said as he strapped himself in, "hold on tight!"

The craft disengaged from the docking area and turned to fire its retros, racing away to try and pursue the agent.

Here I picked Neptune, as as part of Danger Patrol the player's, before the first scene, must narrate some previous (entirely fictional) episode. These narrations are then noted by the GM and used later on to help flesh out the ensuing episode. It is a brilliant device in the context of the game and really helps to make it the perfect pick up game, if you have any players!

! Do they catch up with the agent (Flyboy)? 1 Bonus No.

The ship arrives at Neptune, but the agent's ship is no where to be seen.

"Damn, I think we lost them," Tex cursed through gritted teeth.

"No problem, let me look for them on the scanners," the Professor said.

! Does the Professor find them (Professor)? 1 Bonus Yes and...

"Ah, I have an engine signature coming from that small moon, and if I'm not mistaken that is used by the Neptunian Royal family," the Professor informed them.

Tex thought back to the last time he had dealings with the Neptunian Royal family and how he had defeated their challenger to free the Patrol.

This just popped into my head thinking about the Previously on's again!

"OK, I'm going in," Tex said steering the craft to the moon's surface.

! Is Bun now healed (Explorer)+on ship? 2 Bonus Yes and...

Bun came into the cabin, flexing her leg, "I'm as good as new, thanks, Nathan."

This drew a smile from the Professor and a scowl from Tex.

"Oh, we're nearly there, best get suited up," Bun said turning to leave again.

! Do they land without notifying the agent (Flyboy)? 1 Bonus Yes

The craft landed on its tail fins smoothly, Tex, Bun and the Professor all climbing down the landing ladder, bubble helmets securely on.

"I think I know where they may be going," Bun said pointing to a nearby crater.

Again trying to work in the Previously on information.

Cautiously they approached the large crater, before Bun put her head above the lip.

? Can she see anyone or thing? Yes and...EVENT

I'll leave the and as the event.

Queen of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds. Negative Escalation with Danger!

Clearly this reveals something terrible!

? Is it a large Trans-dimensional machine? No and...(It's not a machine)

? Is it a large number of troops? No and... (It's not troops)

? Is it the Neptunian Royal family? Yes

Bun gapsed before withdrawing quickly.

"What did you see?" the Professor inquired.

"Oh, you don't want to know."

"No, really we do."

"OK, I saw the Crimson Republic agent and I guess the alien talking to the Neptunian Royal family. I'd recognise them anywhere, after last time," and she looked at Tex.

"OK, so the situation is dire, but we're Danger Patrol, we must get that book back before they try and use it in one of their hare-brained schemes," and with this he punched his open palm. "Right, I have a plan, me and the Professor create a diversion, while you, Bun, sneak up on them and try and reclaim the book. Got it, good."

A little while later Bun was sneaking behind the group.

! Does she go undetected (Agent)? 1 Bonus Yes but...

As Bun approached the group Tex and Professor Jakowski leapt onto the edge of the crater, ray guns in hand. At seeing this the group immediately made a dash for it.

? Is there somewhere for the group to run to? 1 Bonus Yes and...

The group made straight for a tunnel entrance close by. Tex and the Professor took aim hoping to shut them off.

? Does Tex and the Professor stop the group (Commando)? 2 & 0 Bonus Yes and... & No but...

Tex's shot hits directly in front of the group making them stop, which ultimately causes Chernetski to drop the book in a collision with the Neptunian Queen. Professor Jakowski's shot doesn't prevent the group running for the tunnel again, but does prevent Chernetski from recovering the book.

? Is the book now close to Glenda? 1 Penalty No and...

As Chernetski stoops to try and recover the book he spots Bun on the side of the crater and cries out to the others.

Bun races down the crater as the group bring out their weapons.

! Does she escape injury (Daredevil)? 1 Penalty No and...

The Royal Prince fires his electro-blaster, causing Bun to cry out and tumble down the crater side leaving her BRUISED.

Seeing this Tex takes careful aim for the Crimson Republic agent, and squeezes the trigger.

! Does Tex hit the CR agent (Commando)? 2 Bonus Yes but...

Tex's shot lances out and hits the agent in the leg, MAIMING him as he picks up the book once again. The Professor takes the opportunity to make a chase of the group.

! Does he make any progress (Daredevil)? Yes and...

The Professor, thinking quickly, slides down the steep crater side and begins to run towards the Chernetski.

? Do any of the agent's allies help him? Yes but...

The shape changing alien suddenly turns to fire off its raygun, completely missing the Professor. Tex decides to close the distance too.

! Does he close the distance? Yes and...

Seeing the Professor's skillful slide and run Tex replicates it perfectly to gain on the escaping party.

Now closer the Professor looks at his omni-scanner for any signs of weakness above the tunnel entrance.

! Does he detect any weakness (Professor)? 2 Bonus Yes

"Look," he shouts, "there's a fissure immediately above the tunnel entrance."

? Is Bun recovered enough to shoot? Yes

Bruised but not shaken, Bun gets into a kneel position, electro-blaster in hand attempting to seal the tunnel entrance.

! Does she hit (Commando)? 1 Bonus Yes and...

The electro-pulses hit home causing the rock above the tunnel to crack and fall down, sealing the entrance.

? Does the group give in? Yes

The group slides to a halt inches from the rubble.

"All we want is the book," says Tex eyeing up the odds.

Bun approaches, attempting to persuade them.

! Does she persuade them to hand it over (Agent)? 1 Bonus Yes

"All we want is the book, you can all go free, is it really worth dying over?"

Reluctantly Chernetski hurled the book towards Bun, who stoops to pick it up, all the while keeping her electro-blaster levelled at the Neptunian and Crimson Republic group.

The professor then tried to reason with them to let them leave without any trouble.

! Can he use logic to convince them to let them leave unharmed (Professor)? 1 Bonus Yes and...

"OK, now we have the book, we can quite easily destroy it. If we were to do that, and one of you were to die, would that be worthwhile? To die for a fruitless prize? And do not expect us to be unprepared for any orbital assault, yu will order your fleet to stand down so that we can go safely about our business. There would be no point in destroying us, as you would also destroy the book. So think very carefully."

After a few moments the King spoke, "we will let you go, and I will order our fleet to let you pass unmolested, but do not expect us to forget this for a very long time, for we are part of the Elder race and we will outlive all other civiliations, hahahaa!"

The group cautiously made their way back to the ship, making sure they never turned their back on the galaxy threatening madmen.

Once safely onboard Tex took the controls and blasted them out into space, back towards Rocket City.


All in a day's work for DANGER PATROL!!


Story: The Convenient Skill's story engine
Random elements: Starblazer Adventures Plot Generator
Script editor: Steve
Special effects: Steve
Character naming: The Everyone Everywhere List
Music: Television Theme Tunes
Based on an original screenplay "Danger Patrol" by John Harper
The Free, Universal System used courtesy of Nathan Russell

Until next time Steve


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