Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Round up

I see others have taken up the potential FU has for solo role-playing, in particular Spacejacker on his blog: http://tinysolitarysoldiers.blogspot.com/2012/04/solo-rpg.html

He has some interesting ideas like relying completely on d6s for his random events. I like the simplicity of that, but I can see problems too in that it is a real restriction to the types of events. I see he has added a scene type destinction too, which I believe caused someone to mention Primetime Adventures.

As a man very much into RPG plotting, PTA has some good points, however many of them are reliant on the group dynamic to work (very similar to Fiasco too, a good way to create inter-connecting plot and characters but really group dependent). I will write a blog post on these types of RPG I've come across and their possible uses for the solo-ist if I get the chance.

OK, so to really round up my previous session, to start with I used the following random generation table:

Ace PC or Ally
3 Social
4 Environmental
5 Physical
6 Intellectual
7 Emotional
8 Combat
9 Senses
10 Item
Jack Location
Queen Escalation
King Subplot

Now as I mentioned I got it a little wrong with my suit interpretation, what it should have been was:

Spades Positive (the point goes upwards)
Hearts Negative (the point goes down)
Diamonds Ambiguous (the points go up and down!)
Clubs New/Introduction (just the last one left)

In theory this should have made it easier, but I guess in the rush I just overlooked this (somehow I remembered the Spades and Hearts significance, memory eh?!).

I now need to test the thematic deck, playing through the deck arrangement above I'm not so sure this  will work as well, but it was my first thought and it may have a nugget of wisdom in it (perhaps as a second card draw?). Anyway I could tinker forever and never get anywhere, so I plan to run my next session as soon as possible and post the results.

My next problem is that I need a background that will fully test out the possible themes, for that I'm not sure Star Wars is the best choice as it is so action orientated, so as I have my Starblazer Adventure random tables (which I used just to generate the initial plot thrust in the end) I might just go with pulp sci-fi, or to be more precise Danger Patrol! OK, so I've decided, now, what themes to apply?


I strongly suggest you get yourself to John Harper's Danger Patrol website and download the free rules, you won't be sorry I promise! Go here: http://www.dangerpatrol.com

Until next time Steve


  1. Thanks for then mention! I have since redone my charts into using d10s and they work much better. I recently read danger patrol snd I especially like how you begin the game in the middle of an action sequence.. Inspired!

    The system I am developing is primarily for linking minuatures battles, but should work equally well for pure roleplay.

    I am fascinated by the possibilities of solo roleplay, thanks for posting such thought provoking stuff.

    1. I would be very interested to see your 2D10 system as mine is very much a work in progress and I am an inveterate solo rules acquirer.

      I am not averse to rolling dice, and indeed the flip of a card and a roll of a die would still be much quicker than the Mythic system. I have a link somewhere to a custom board game manufacturer, so it is possible one day I may print some bespoke cards which could incorporate very easily a die roll mechanic to expand the options, I just need to know what those options are!

      Funny how I found your blog while contemplating solo 15mm gaming and things have come somewhat of a full circle!

  2. Danger Patrol is great, although I never figured out how non-action scenes worked. I've seen mention of a Gamma version, but that's been on the cards for a couple of years now.

  3. Um, has Spacejacker divulged his 2d10 system?
    I really want to play solo and I wamt to suck up all the available info on it.