Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Very ResourceFULL

I made a really interesting discovery this morning, and that is ResourceFULL cards created by Paulo Rivas.

Designed to make the GMs job easier for his friends, they are another interesting idea involving cards to develop RPG plots. Never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I downloaded them immediately and saw some real potential.

If you want to take a look yourself, the link is:

For my part it lacks the event focus, such as PC positive, but it does have a few neat ideas, like the combat complication/situation. They are somewhat reminisent of the Mythic setup.

An idea I've just had is to perhaps write my current setup on the back of these and then open them like a book, reading the back of the next card, and the detail on the other, I guess this does exclude certain combinations though, and I'd rather avoid operating two packs simultaneously.

While I am on this topic I have also got some other cards going by the name of GM Helper Cards. These are very much D&D style high fantasy based, which simply does not appeal to me, hence my previous silence on them but may be of extreme interest to others. The link is here: http://carjackedseraphim.blogspot.com/

Ahh, so many ideas! Perhaps I should focus a little more, what do I want on each of my cards, as much as possible, clutter free? Should I force myself to concentrate by agreeing to send my "finished product" to The Game Crafter? Perhaps that is my next challenge, any suggestions?

Until next time Steve

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  1. Very interesting links. Thanks for sharing.