Monday, 21 May 2012

LC Subway

We would like to apologies for the late running of this service, normal service will be resumed shortly.

Actually, seriously I would like to have got this up and running by now, there were just a couple of holdups. Firstly I needed to formalise my thinking on Largo, secondly I needed to be a little more clued up on LC itself. I'm not really that familiar with the game, I've played Chinatown Wars on the DS but that's about it in recent years (I dabbled with San Andreas and enjoyed GTA1&2 although they are distant memories). Helpfully there a number of wikis so that I don't get Broker and Dukes mixed up, plus I will obviously put my own spin on it all, so all you GTA officianados will notice that the mafia and leaders' names may change but hopefully none of that will be too distracting.

OK, so here's the lowdown on Largo Peralta.

He's pretty good looking (hence the reason his girlfriend is smitten), he's pretty good with his fists, but has a short temper, currently he has no real worldly possessions other than his clothes, but has plans to change that. He's also a pretty good driver. This stats out as:

Good looking
Fist fighter
Short temper
No Gear

His subplots are:

Look for Michelle
Avoid Juan Hernandez (beating victim)
Stay out of trouble
Get revenge on James Davies (witness)
Make plans for Vice City

Now for my random events I have stuck with the table seen previously and have the following themes:

Spades - Crime
Clubs A-7 - Spanish Lords
Clubs 8-K - Rival gangs
Hearts - The City
Diamonds A-7 - Money
Diamonds 8-K - Police

I have a sheet to record these which should make it easy to remember (easier than last time!).

Coming up...a spree in the 'hood

Until next time Steve

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