Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Welcome to The Worst Place in America

Hey, let me introduce myself. I'm Largo Peralta from South Bohan down in good ol' LC, Liberty City. Liberty, yeah like that's a good name for it, I'm just outta Alderney Correctional Facility, but there aint nuthin' correct about that place.

I hear yer wanna hear a lil' bit about me, well you come to the right man. So just outta ACF, doin' a lil' time for hittin' some brother with a pool cue...Jesus, won't nuthin', and some dogooder goes stickin' their nose in where it aint wanted. Normally, woulda just been swept under the carpet, hell a few grudges woulda been held for awhile, but nuthin' I can't handle, jeez nuthin' I aint been handlin'. Anyway, damn fuzz come and clean up the place, and I'm bang to rights - 6 months in the slammer with my girl out here lookin' out fer 'erself.

Now here yer see I've struck gold there man, she's hot and loaded, her padre's some banker who work's on The Exchange, got money comin' outta his ears, and his little girl, she's got him wrapped 'round her little finger. Maybe one day I'll tell ya the story about how we met.

Well anyhow, I'm out now, I'm sick of this city and I want out, I wanna grab Michelle and I'm outta here, paved with Daddy's gold. Trouble is I can't get hold of 'er, well that's where my story starts...

Until next time Steve

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  1. well, man, consider me hooked...reminded me of Carlito Brigante talking.