Wednesday, 18 July 2012


This is an update to let you know that this blog is still alive (as am I!). The usual reasons of masses of work, not feeling great and/or tired and Euro 2012 (OK, that one's not usual).

Anyway becasue of those I just haven't found the time to advance Largo's story yet, but I have collected everything I need together (again) so that I can get going as soon as possible.

Even when I have had a few snatched moments I've been in a bit of a superheroic phase, designing a possible card game (well I say designing, really just coming up with little titbits of ideas), reading 'Thrusts of Justice' because of the Heromachine blog (well worth it!), and thinking about a Danger League Pocket Edition based entirely on d6.

That sounds a lot now I write it out, but it has only been a few minutes at a time, like when waiting for my kids at their swimming lesson, and all done quite recently, hence my optimism for getting on with Largo.

The reason I haven't blogged about any of this is because of the guilt effect, this is stuff I feel like should have waited until after some of the FU solo games and write ups, but this is my blog I guess written as much for me as to share with others.

So, I WILL get to Largo very soon, and write up about some of the stuff above.

Until next time Steve