Monday, 20 August 2012

Danger in my Pocket!

Not quite what the title could indicate perhaps, but these are my ideas relating to Danger Patrol Pocket Edition, the Danger Patrol hack, Danger League, and several d6.

I am assuming that anyone reading this is familiar with:

Danger Patrol
Danger League
Danger Patrol Pocket Edition

All of which are excellent, and should be downloaded as a matter of urgency. As long time readers of this blog may well know I really like Danger Patrol and even thought about using it for a solo game. That didn't quite work out because of the threat mechanic.

Spool forward a few months and I am in the mood for some superhero fun, so taking a look at Danger League again I wonder what I could do. While I am at it I look at Danger Patrol Pocket Edition too. Holy cow Batman, that includes a random threat generator, what looks like a cleaner way to introduce threats and escalation and starts the synapses firing.

'I should meld these together' I think, but would could I add? (Add, why would I even think about adding anything!) Anyway, with some ideas floating around from my card game brainwave I set about amending things. The results are:

To avoid RSI I will now use DP (for the original Danger Patrol), DL (for Danger League), and DPPE (for, you guessed it, Danger Patrol Pocket Edition).

Styles and Roles
Almost a direct swap from DL, just take ANY two and create two Bonus abilities like DPPE. So a Millionaire Dark Avenger, or Dark Avenger Gunslinger, or an Alien Warrior are all possible.

I thought that a good addition would be the stereotypical archvillain, create him like any other Threat with a possible Strength and Weakness, but then also give him two Bonus abilities of his own, and of course a name and description.

Taking a leaf from Gamma Patrol (a DPPE hack!) and my card game ideas I decide to add Location and Reward, and amended the chart to look like this:

Daily life simply means something non-combative, like a fire, accident, natural disaster, even a riot or a date! Nemesis means dust off those supervillains, one of them has come calling!

Having had a fiddle around with DPPE I quickly came to the conclusion that you need quite a few d8s and d4s to represent all those Bonus hits and Threats, now like any gamer worth his salt I do in fact own a few, just not the numbers needed in a decent sized encounter. If only it just used d6! Suddenly I thought 'Why not?'

So I sat down and had a little fiddle around with Excel to generate the probabilities and came up with a d6 only variant that is actually quite simple. What you need are a number of d6 of at least four different colours (which I have, 7mm I think at £2 for 20). So now you assign each of your colours to Ability dice, Bonus dice, Danger dice and Threat dice and read them as follows:

Ability dice 2 or more Hit, 1 Danger
Bonus dice 3 or more Hit, 2 or less Nothing
Danger dice 4 or more Hit, 3 or less Danger
Threat dice 5 or more Hit, 4 or less Danger

The probabilites are roughly equal (as close I care for anyway) and the progression is fairly simple to grasp, especially if you roll them in order and split them out as you go. I've got in mind a little strip on the character sheet where a player can place their dice in the respective colour/category.

Adventure generator
Finally I thought about chucking in something like the adventure generator from Icons, at least for my own copy as that's not Creative Commons, it's OGL. Oh the interaction of licences!

Until next time Steve

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