Friday, 17 August 2012

Thrusts of Justice

This is a very quick review of this very funny book.

Imagine you were a fan of Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, Falcon, Way of the Tiger, Choose Yor Own Adventure etc. as a child.

Now imagine you had grown up, but still enjoyed those days of turning left and falling down the previously unseen trap to your doom.

Now imagine the authors of said gamebooks knew about this experience and decided to tap it for comedic effect, and you get something akin to 'Thrusts of Justice' by Matt Youngmark.

It is a superheroic tale whereby you acquire superpowers and embark on a quest to save the Earth (although possibly/probably not). Invariably you will die one of a number of ignominious, but funny deaths, while poking fun at the superheroic genre along the way.

If I had one criticism, it is that in general the story strands are quite short (especially in relation to the other gamebooks mentioned), but they do pack in laughs. I'd certainly recommend it for an evening's entertainment now and again.

Until next time Steve

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