Friday, 28 September 2012

The Department of Frustrating Me

OK, so it's been a long time and work is still incredibly busy. It's not that I work longer hours, just that I don't feel like doing anything when I have time to spare. So it may not come as any surprise that I have advanced almost nothing (this is a bigger disappointment to me than any of my loyal readers!).

To make matters worse I received The Department of Fabricant Management for my birthday (OK, I ordered it myself and had to be 'surprised' when I opened it in front of my kids). Normally this would only be a good thing (and it is really), but it just adds to my previous list of things I want to do. Coupled with that I received 2 bonus minis for late delivery which are great and have added to my 15mm lead pool, and you see this is where the trouble starts...

A while ago I thought about getting more sci-fi miniatures and don't have that many at 28mm, I realised I could easily exceed them in number with 15mm (£0.40 compared to £2.00 each on average, or 5 to 1). I got all enthused ordered a load from and then realised that they really needed painting, 15mm needs something to differentiate it easily, however when I left home my younger brothers kept the painting kit, and I now live 100 miles away, give or take. I know all the kit I want, I'm going Army Builder dip and Testor Dullcote with block colours. I'm quite a poor painter (compared to the many excellent blogs) and hope these will cover any sins, and at 15mm block colour shouldn't look too bad, but I need to convince my girlfriend that I need to spend £50+ and actually have time, that elusive commodity!

I mean I know I could just use paper minis, which I have! I just have this urge to make it 'better', coupled with this I have rediscovered my excellent Car Wars Midville maps. OK so the scale is off, more like 10mm not 15mm, but with the figures as only a representation I can easily live with this. If pushed I could commit a 'cardinal sin' and play with unpainted lead, and this may be the way to go in reality, just don't expect pictures!

Also, when I ordered The Department I also pondered 5150: New Beginnings from Two Hour Wargames. Long time readers may know I started a Bond themed game of Larger Than Life, another THW ruleset, which I left unfinished because it felt like there were too many holes. Well, I've seen excellent battle reports of 5150:NB so I'm also tempted to get this at the earliest opportunity. So as well as time pressure there's also a little wallet pressure currently.

I guess I must just like being like this, that seems a realistic answer to why everything is unfinished, or even not started.

Until next time Steve

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  1. I can commiserate. Just have fun and paint, model and game when you can.