Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A man on a mission

As promised here is my first 5150 character. I'll walk through most the steps with you:

First off he is a Basic (or Human to the rest of us) in fact here is my first 'house rule', everyone is a Basic/Human, this still leaves a very wide field of characters but I'm unispired by 5150's aliens, just as I am with every other games aliens, so it's nothing personal.

I'm a male, with Reputation of 5, as recommended for your first character.

I'm selecting Mercenary as my character class, I want a wide experience of using 5150, and highest bidder covers a lot if not all. This makes me motivated by profit.

I can start to see him now, a very calm but menacing individual, ex-military now doing his own thing with a few ex-comrades.

Now the next part is Attributes, I get to choose one, 'Stone Cold' gets my nod as it fits the above profile, next I dice for one getting, 'Hard as nails'. This really is someone that should scare people!
Next I determine his Skills as Fitness 5, People 4, Savvy 3, Science 0. I was really undecided on People and Savvy, so I will try to raise Savvy first I think (this might be overtaken by events of course!).

Looking at Profession I'm torn between Gunslinger and out and out Mercenary, looking at the InSight test I notice that Gunslingers receive a bonus here, so that answers that one!

Now Hardware, looking at the available weaponry I decide a BAPistol is in order, plus an Assault rifle for when things really hot up. I note the body armour and reckon the team will be com-linked, locally generally and combat linked when heading into serious trouble.

Finally a roll on the Everyone Everywhere tables gives me a name of (drum roll please!) - Nathan Castillo

All in all this gives:

Nathan 'Nat' Castillo
Rep 5 Fit 5 Pep 4 Sav 3 Sci 0
Stone cold and Hard as nails
Casual: BAPistol, Local com-link, Body armour (1)
Action: Assault rifle, Combat com-link, Body armour, BAPistol

I also roll up these Grunts, as my ex-Army buddies turned mercenary:
Lucas 'Smiffy' Smith Rep 4 Fit 4 Pep2 Sav 0 Sci 3 BAPistol Rage
Zane'Cutter' Larson Rep 4 Fit 4 Pep 2 Sav 0 Sci 3 BAPistol Coward
Troy 'Zip' Phillips Rep 4 Fit 4 Pep 2 Sav 3 Sci 0 MPistol Resilient
Colt 'Dodger' McDermott Rep 4 Fit 4 Pep 2 Sav 3 Sci 0 BAPistol Athlete

They should do alright in a gunfight, although Cutter might have got his name from cut and running (I rolled these using Everyone Everywhere too, except Smiffy).

Now Items, so I start with 16 Items per the game rules, right so I 'spent' 5 on myself, a further 4 on combat com-links for my buddies, I spend one Item on a Law Level 3 apartment (ground floor for access) leaving me with 6 Items, which maybe needed to tool up for our first job. Just need to determine what that is...

So the ones that respond to our 'net campaign in the first month are:

A law firm (MacGregor & Co - Everyone Everywheere)
A large corporation (Neogen Unity - courtesy of Stars Without Number)
The Government of Gaea Prime

Looks like we might have struck it big, I decide that a quick vid-call is in order to all three, to try and smooth the interview process, 'Personal - Professional' that's us!

MacGregor & Co (3 vs 2) I thought the partner really liked me, this could be a good banker, but the real money's in the others.
Neogen Unity (3 vs 3) damn, he just confirmed the meeting time, I didn't really get a rapport. Still, nothing to lose, right the big one.
Gaea Prime (1 vs 3) I really felt like he thought I was wasting his time, damn. But you never know he might be interested still.

I took Zip with me, he's pretty clued up, hopefully he'll be able to see things a little differently. First we went to MacGregor's. (1 vs 1) Damn that was tough, we really need to get out of our military mindset if we are going to win contracts. Still they liked us, and said they'd really consider us for any future plans they have, so it wasn't a wasted trip.

Next up, is Gaea Prime, I feel this will go badly already. (1 vs 3) We didn't even get to see them in the end I'm not sure we'll ever crack that one, it's a real shame, but never mind, I just hope that Neogen are receptive.

Neogen Unity (0 vs 3). Jesus even worse than the Gaea Prime interview, they just cancelled on us. I'm really sorry guys.

Well, I don't know about you but I'm off down the pub, anyone coming with me (Chillin')?

OK, so that didn't go so well. A quick dice off gives the Late day part, Law Level 2, with decent weather. All in all this gives 3 PEFs. Objective? Get trashed, actually we're quite skint so just have a drink. Only Smiffy's interested in going with me and he's decided to wear his body armour, so let's hit the town!

Until next time Steve

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