Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Beginnings

OK, so what's happening now?

Well, I gave in and ordered 5150: New Beginnings, having more solo games can only be good right?

Well, anyway I've been devouring that and prepping my 15mil minis by filing bases down etc., still no hint of colour, or time to paint them even if I had the materials, but I'm determined to use them so it's 'as is'. This is my game right?! I've also printed out some 15mil scaled paper civilians, MicroTactix CheapFolks are great!

So, now I just need to settle on a game I want to play, and here there is a little dilemma. I could play The Department, I've had it slightly longer, and the premise is pretty good (I got it first for a reason, after all), but I need to pick out a few tables that I will need in play, and because I have the hardcopy this isn't a case of simply prinitng out the relevant pages, PDFs have a big advantage here! Plus I don't want to break the binding, so copying will be difficult, which means manually copying the tables out.

Conversely, 5150:NB has all the tables in the back (and the sometimes criticised 'ugly' plastic binding works beautifully, much better than metal binding too which I find still causes pages to fall out), plus you get the PDF thrown in so I can print out the character sheet and anything I feel I might need in play, so this has a slight edge. The only downside is that the Blade Runner-style premise is not very strong, possible, but not as strong, but for once I actually want to just game.

I think this leads me to playing 5150:NB in its default 'mercenary' tone, with the very real possibility that I add in relevant rules later on so that I end with a DFM/5150:NB hybrid, which would be serious fun indeed.

So what next? Stayed tuned for my initial character and first session preparation write up.

Before I go I must sing Ed Texeira's praises as highly as I can, the service I've had from him as has been exemplary. If you've ever dallied with picking up one of THWs rulesets, I would heartily recommend it, he deserves your cash as much as you deserve an excellent solo-playing experience.

Until next time Steve

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