Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Life, the Universe and Everything - November

OK, so I now realise that me and gaming seem to be mutually exclusive activities, and I have again left it a long time between updates.

So, I will begin a monthly round-up of my activities, and hopefully there will be something of at least general interest.

So what have I been doing?

Writing - I have finally given in and started writing a children's book. There are two reasons it is a children's book, first I have two young-ish daughters myself (7 and 10) and I want them to read it, secondly it means that I can really whip through at a great pace both in wiritng and plotting, i.e. a shorter book. I don't want to reveal too much but I will say it is fantasy and the possible start to a series. Also with the many distractions too I am actually writing it, which means I can do it pretty much anywhere.

Android-ing - I finally managed to persuade my other half to get a tablet, I've been helping the kids with Angry Birds and other Android crazes. If any of you know of any good role-playing or boardgaming related Android apps, let me know!

Working - in the past I have just felt knackered, now I've actually started to work in the evenings too and the sitaution is not looking good for the next couple of months, a real downer, but then there is always the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rules writing - I actually have a post lined up trying to get a police procedural theme into 5150: New Beginnings, and I've actually gone on and written the rules! Unsurprisingly I have not play-tested them one bit, other than sense check, but I think I have finally honed senses for these things (don't we all!). Look out for this in a couple of days.

Ideas - I still get ideas, or hear things that I can tweak to an as yet unstarted or partially started project. For instance this morning I thought about using cards instead of a pre-designed map for my Knight Errant idea, to make it more random and re-playable. Why did I think of this? I have no idea! Obviously my shower gel reaches parts other gels don't reach!

So at the moment the writing bug has bitten, I really hope this goes well and I actually finish the first book. When I do I might approach publishers, who knows?! If I can turn out 1 to 3 books a year I would like to do it full time (the writer's dream!). And if that doesn't go well I've always a few back up ideas...

Until next time Steve

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