Friday, 14 December 2012

Life, the Universe and Everything - December

Sort of as promised another round up.

Very little, I've written a little more of my children's book but not much else.

To run a game for my kids. With Christmas coming up and time off work it would make a perfect time to run a game for my kids. The only trouble I face is what setting and what game.

To run through the options:

A dungeon crawl
Something furry
Star Wars
Pulp science fiction

Even if I do run of these, do I run it:


Depending on the answer of both of those I guess I can choose a system, mind you, even here I am a little unsure.

In some repects I am really envious of those people that choose a system and run with it, whether that's D&D, Savage Worlds, GURPS or something else, I guess I'm just not like that.

Originally this blog was setup as a way to cure my ADD/Magpie complex. I think I may be failing that task. All the time I feel that if I learn something new I am adding to my experience and it will make my games better, I realise this is wrong. I just need to select a few games that will form a core, everything else will need to be left at the wayside.

So in the new year I will try and create my best experience possible. I say create because I will now use the enormous list of rules I have and compact them into the best possible systems for me, taking the bits from that work and discarding the rest.

In this initial phase I will set out my objectives:

1) I need a dungeon crawling game
This is a style of gaming close to my heart owing to my introduction into RPGs through the Milton Bradley Heroquest and GW's Advanced Heroquest. Of course I have a few ideas of how to make this the best possible game which I will reveal over the coming months.

2) I need a kid friendly role-playing game
Something light that the kids will enjoy, probably with all the funky dice, which also uses miniatures in an easy to understand way. This could possibly double as my own miniatures game too.

3) I need a light RPG
Something that requires no thought, GM screen or pretty much anything else, just a handful of dice.

4) I need a heavier style of game
For when I need to devle a little deeper into character, or environment etc.

5) I need to settle on a solo role-playing game/method/hybrid
This could also be a straight fight between Mythic and FU. I have an idea that may make Mythic easier, but stick with FU's more dynamic Yes/No mechanism.

6) I need a miniatures game
I do love minis, even if I get little time to do anything with them. I need something that will enable me to get them out and

7) Generic
I need them all to be generic, or easily modable, one of the reasons for my magpie tendency is seeing good settings. I need something that will be able to handle the different settings with ease.

This should be eminently do-able I feel. It still leaves me with a handful of possible games which should satisfy my jumping urge, but some very, very good games are going to have to fall.

In the new year I start to whittle down and amalgamate, and you can have a look in and see how I do.

Until next time Steve

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  1. Good luck. I think if you can hit on something the kids like do it cooperatively. That way there will be less fighting about the game. I would also say just pick something and play it. Rules hording is quite common but we need to actually play some of the time. Happy Holidays to you.