Thursday, 10 January 2013

Don't Fear the Reaper

So, with the little money I got for Christmas I thought I'd treat myself, but what to buy?

With my rationalising in full force there seemed little I wanted, so I decided on some terrain/furniture and some minis.

First off the terrain, I love the stuff made by Scotia Grendel so I decided to raid their site and get myself a few pieces, mostly basic stuff that will round out my meagre collection, chairs, tables, doors etc..

Once that was sorted I decided to let my girls get a miniature of their choice. I have a relative lack of female adventurer types, and judging by the collections I went through that might be because there IS a lack of that sort of mini.

Now bear in mind I was getting these for my young kids and that wiped out a mass of scantily clad bimbo figures. I thought we'd all gotten over the TSR obsession with chainmail bikinis etc. but apparently not.

Of course a lot are historical lines which means getting your hands on a female is as likely as it was in my spotty youth, i.e. completely zero.

Then factor in all those lines available only from the US and other suppliers, duties, VAT etc. all make small scale purchases unviable. Eventually I was able to find a UK supplier of Reaper minis and now await two sensibly, if somewhat elaborately, dressed females (they are young).

Now I just need to knock something up they actually want to play...

Until next time Steve

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