Friday, 18 January 2013

Game for a laugh

To start I am pondering activation rolls for my minis rules. Good idea or not? I can't decide so I thought I'd throw it open to my readers.

On the one hand it adds an element of randomness, a realism of people being frozen/green.

On the other, one character running round while everyone stands still is a bit silly?

So the mini rules are going to be the biggest challenge, everything else is going to be pretty much as written (yeah right!), but what are my choices?

Light RPG

I have a wealth of light games, as I get older the heavier styles just don't do it for me anymore, so this is a very tough category. Of course my definition of light is probably very different to other peoples, but well, this is my blog right?

Winner: FU, or the Free, Universal RPG. This is probably no surprise at all, it is elegant, narrative, and light enough to have the rules written on the back of your hand.

Hanging on: Risus, this is probably just because of the Compendium, one of the best products I have ever bought. If I need something funny this will be coming out.

Also rans: Car Wars (would use something similar for gamebooks though), Cosmic Patrol, Danger Patrol (all versions), Mythic (as the RPG), Barbarians of Lemuria and Honor + Intrigue.

Heavier game

Again somewhat abitrary, but hey.

Winner: Fate 2.0

I have never been happy with Fate 3, just too many rules, what with stunts, refresh, scene aspects etc. It all just seems too much. So the stripped down 2.0 version it is. I will modify the damage mechanic to make it simpler though. On another level it means I will still be able to use my Fudge dice!

Also rans: Fudge (Fate is cleaner), Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2, Savage Worlds, Icons, D6/Mini6, GURPS, Pendragon and everything else!

Kids RPG

Something simple, with funky dice, well:

Winner: Danger Patrol (Beta)

It just had to be. I will pare it down though, replace the damage mechanics again and probably some others things too.

Also rans: FU (too light for kids), Risus (although see above re funny games), DP Pocket Edition (needed those funky dice!) and all the above!

So now the games in my arsenal are:

Free, Universal RPG

Fate 2.0 modified

Danger Patrol beta heavily modified

Risus for humourous games

Advanced Heroquest for minis games and dungeon crawls, heavily modified

FU/Mythic combination for solo-ing

I think that's a neat list of distilled gaming.

Until next time Steve

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