Monday, 14 January 2013

Mini choices

So I have unsurprisingly decided that I will use the Advanced Heroquest rules as the basis for my miniatures games. It uses d12s and has an elegant vs style of play, where effectively Defender skill-Attacker skill+7 gives your 'to hit' chance on a d12.

This is much simpler than it sounds! Basically evenly matched opponents have a 50/50 chance and 'to hit' goes up or down by one for each point of difference.

Damage wise I am going to dump the standard AHQ rules and import something similar to 5150 with Savage Worlds thrown in for good measure.

I'm going to use a damage chart. Along the top the difference in Strength and Toughness, down the side the numbers 1 to 12. Roll a d12, read across to the relevant column et voila, Unhurt, Knocked down or Taken out (or per SW Up, Down or Off the table).

I'm thinking of allowing Wounds to be taken in exchange for Taken out, for those miniatures that have them. However I have been reading some interesting posts on Danjou's Hand blog about random HP and thought I could simply replace it with a 'Saving throw' style mechanic. Hmm, food for thought.

So unfortunately this is still work in progress, but a step forward!

OK, what else? Well I'm going to use PEF-style rules, they are too good to pass up, with a little twist so that they can apply to any game setting (hopefully!).

I'm going to try and use the three statuses of The Department, these seem simple and make sense (well I will try and make them simple anyway).

I'm also going to go for card based exploration. I can make appropriate cards for the Advanced Heroquest interlocking pieces with the excellent Heroscribe program, which I want to share with the small AHQ community somewhere. I can also draw up some cards for my other mapping products and games like Urban 5150 style games, my village maps from Cities of Mystery, and well just about anything else.

Before I jump down that route completely however I will use a standard playing card pack(s) and key the results, this should give me an idea of how well it works before I make up my own cards.

Finally I need to consider activation. This plays a large part in THW's games, but does complicate it a bit, do I want that hassle?

So there you have it a bit to mull over, but definitely not to procrastinate about.

Until next time Steve


  1. Sounds good, looking forward to hearing of your progress.

  2. I'm down with anything that uses d12s.