Friday, 11 January 2013

Mini maximiser

Joe kindly posted a link in the comments to my last post that makes Mythic d6 only.

For my part it is very intriguing and I thank Joe warmly but I think I'll stick with the Mythic charts for now, although if d6 only interests you definitely go and see for yourself.

The next topic I intend to tackle is miniatures. I love miniatures, it stems from my GW days I think, growing up with Heroquest, Advanced Heroquest and a GW store in every town, I only got into RPGs later.

So what game choices do I have in respect of miniatures rules?

5150/THW - there is a lot I like about these rules, the PEFs, the Reaction system, the damage mechanics etc. However it seems there is a lot to account for, whether someone is ducked back, retreating etc. It just seems a little too fiddly in all.

The Department - again there is a lot I like about these. There are only 3 statuses Hostile, Normal and Fleeing, and it replicates its genre well. I'm not mad about the system though, there's nothing inherently wrong with it (it's sort of like Risus really) I just think there's something better/simpler.

Advanced Heroquest - this is under appreciated I feel and certainly capable of being an excellent miniatures ruleset (it is already really). The only downside is the clunky damage system, for example 5d12 each compared to a Toughness based target number, however replace that and you have something very intruiging.

Savage Worlds - I've never actually played Savage Worlds. I have the PDF of the ruleset and some of the excellent settings, but never really got into the system itself. This seems a little odd because what I see is very reminiscent of Danger Patrol's mechanics. But thanks to Andy Slack's excellent blog I do have some inkling of how they work, including the Up/Down/Off the table damage system which greatly appeals.

Warhammer Quest - this is inferior to AHQ in terms of game mechanics but added new ideas and there are some good card drawing concepts in relation to revealing the dungeon and encounters that work well solo.

Heroquest - what really started me off on this hobby, a fantastic introduction to gaming but probably too simple to translate into something more meaningful. I will be playing this straight with the kids though.

So those are my existing minis based games, what choices have I made. Well, you'll have to wait for the next installment for that!

Until next time Steve


  1. Interesting. I finally looked at Joe's link and it was along the lines of what I was thinking. I've been looking for a chart that converts mythic into THW terms but can't find it right now. I am, however, rediscovering the files section of the Mythic Yahoo group and recognizing a lot of the files. I'll be posting shortly.

  2. I've been looking at different rules systems, looking for a good one that fits my style of play and interests (fantasy, solo, cinematic, not too bloody for the main character/s, simple but with enough "crunch", and more). I have a free demo version of Savage Worlds with just enough to get an idea of how it works. It does appeal to me as a possibility so I'm looking for more info on it. Can you provide a link to or name of "Andy Slack's excellent blog"?
    I'm also following your progress here, to get some ideas and inspiration as a solo gamer.
    Thank you! :)

    1. Hi FB

      The address is:

      and it really is an excellent blog!