Monday, 21 January 2013

Mods and Rockers

So here's where I'll detail the changes to my RPG rules.

I'll start with Fate 2.0, which is my heavier system.

First up is the Fate Ladder, I don't like Average and Epic. So take them out and add in Very Good (before Great if you're wondering). Mediocre and below is pushed up one to 0 (if you use the numbers), it meaning Average after all.

Next up the damage mechanics and here despite my misgivings over the complexity of Fate 3 I am going to steal Consequences.

I guess you could say these are the same as FU's Conditions, but I'll stick with the Fate nomenclature.

My new damage track looks like:

1 Minor Consequence

2-3 Major Consequence

4-5 Severe Consequence

6 Extreme Consequence

7 Taken out

I'll stick with 3 Consequences to also take someone out too.

Finally, I want to add in Damage Dice, this system uses the Simple weapons and armour rules. Start with your weapon rating then deduct the armour rating for a positive or negative amount, or 0.

If positive roll the positive number of dice counting and adding blanks and + results to the damage/margin of success.

If negative the opposite, roll the neagtive number of dice and deduct 1 margin of success for each blank or - result.

Here's an example:

Mario faces Luigi, both armed with swords (WR 2) and Mario in heavy armour (AR 3), Luigi in no armour (AR 0).

Mario hits with a margin of success of 1 he now rolls 2 (WR - AR) Fudge dice for + - adding 1 additional margin of success. On my chart this is a Major Consequence.

Luigi now hits with margin of success of 3 he has to roll (2-3) 1 'armour' dice getting Blank and thereby reducing damage by 1 to 2 and another Major Consequence.

I like this because it adds a random element to damage that is missing from Fate 2.0 as written but still favours skilled opponents.

Next up Danger Patrol beta for the kids

First I want to keep the very simple 8 'Classes' modified for the genre (Agent, Commando etc.), and the die split.

I will then let them choose a Description, but it can be pretty much anything. So a Robotic Detective and a Princess Agent are equally valid. The Description will act like an Aspect in Fate, so granting a re-roll (or probably complete success, this is for my girls after all), or possibly an additional die, a little bit hazy here for the moment.

Gear/Equipment will operate the same as Danger Patrol Pocket, another die to roll when it is applicable, taking the highest result.

As I am changing it to a more traditional RPG format I am only looking for one success per roll, on a 4+ as usual. I'm not looking for taking Danger Dice and trying to hit as many times as possible in one roll.

I am currently undecided but could add the FU failure scale for 1 to 3 die results it would be an interesting addition, it also may help to alleviate the Yes/No 'cliff face' while helping the narrative, as it does in FU.

I want, and need with the girls, to use minis too so I will borrow from Fate 3 and operate in Zones. Allowing a character to move one Zone per turn and two if they don't act. This can be a bit arbitrary and is fine with me, but roughly:

Quarterdeck, foc'sle, small room, alleyway say, one zone.

Main deck, market square, large room two zones, maybe more.

Of course by throwing out the Danger mechanic I am also doing away with the Danger Meter. This means I could stat up opponents so they operate as 'normal' NPCs, but could also 'do an FU' and turn it into rolling defensively (i.e. do I defend?) I'll wait and see, but this is no big deal.

It also means I need a new damage system, so why not use 3 Conditions/Consequences here too? Well, there's no good reason! So that's in.

FU, simple, elegant system it is requires no fiddling, except as with Fate a 'skill list'. I have got so used to Danger Patrol that I now use those 8 Archetypes/Classes/Skills (as modified for genre) for pretty much everything, including the skill levels in Fate (1 Very good, 1 Good, 2 Fair, 3 Mediocre, 1 Poor). For FU it is descriptor, Skill, Skill, Flawed skill with rounding out with Subplots, Goals and Quotes.

Is that it? As far as I recall now. I'll let you know how they play out as and when I get to them.

Until next time Steve

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