Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Life, the Universe and Everything - February

So, as expected not much to report this month. After resurfacing from January, spending time with my family and catching up with other things has taken its toll.

However, I am now the proud owner of the Original and Voyages Rory's Story Cubes! I have to say I do like them, I have already used them a little, both as an aid to role-playing and as a story generation tool with the kids.

You may have noticed the reference to role-playing in there, and I have actually found the time for a small game with my kids.

We used my Danger Patrol hack for musketeer based action. They are Queen's Musketeers, ladies tasked with the protection of the Queen (historical heresy I know, but do I and they care? Of course not!). Anyway they received a message to meet a stranger in a local inn and were immediately assailed by the Cardinal's Guards. The eldest ran for it, generating some crowds and more guards, while the youngest decided to shoot first and ask questions later! Probably something to do with her miniature holding a pistol.

Anyway a quick scramble to the meeting was made, whereupon they met a young musketter by the name of D'Artangan, who aksed them to dine for a while (Story Cubes in action). He asked them to deliver a message from the Queen to 'The Man with the Purple Feather' in Geneva, along with an innocuous passphrase.

Unfortunately at this stage it was bed time and we haven't managed to get back to it since, despite repeated attempts by them both, but at times where it has not been possible. This isn't quite the end of this adventure!

I've also just finished rationalising all the things I have ever printed out, which was quite a task really. How much can one man need?

So I consider this month a small success, but I sincerely hope with everything now settled there will be many more to come.

Spacejacker kindly commented on my last post about FUBARs 'automatic overwatch' where a unit fails to activate, this is another idea to throw into the mix. Certainly makes more sense than the THW freeze, and a definite consideration. This is another thing that has slid this month, again hopefully better news soon!

Until next time Steve


  1. Sounds like fun, my son told me hw wants to play games after school today, I might try starting Dungeon Teller with him.

  2. I hadn't heard of Dungeon Teller before, just going to look it up in case it has some ideas to steal!