Thursday, 28 March 2013

Life, the Universe and Everything - March

So what has this month brought?

Not a great deal!

I have gamed a little with my kids, and moved the story on slightly, but restricted time meant not as far as predicted.

I hope to get them back to this, especially as it is the school Easter break from Friday and I have some time off too. In fact ideally I would like to finish this adventure and get them onto another one, I may also try and get them to pick a sci-fi mini too for far future tomfoolery.

I just haven't had the time, energy or inclination to get role-playing this last month, however I did idly come up with a possible, and very simple, dungeon delving card based system.

As I blog from work I will let you know if it works in a couple of weeks, with a post scheduled for next week to show it briefly in action. It is very simple but seems appropriate for a Risus based game.

My aim for the remainder of this and next month is to have some fun! With that in mind I am embarking on a Risus swords & sorcery/dungeon delving adventure with Steinhoff. I am all set I just need the energy from somewhere.

Until next time Steve

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dungeon Delving

I thought I’d have a go at an RPG dungeon crawl (no time for my miniatures rules yet!), however I just cannot take them seriously so I thought, I know what I’ll use Risus!

Of course none of this fits in the three examples I gave in my last post, but that’s just the way my mind works unfortunately!

I’m going to rely on a ton of random tables, some of which I bashed together for another game, and some available online, I’ll try to post which I use as I go but I’m no means infallible. So without further ado, here’s my character:

Steinhoff the barbarian

Northern barbarian of Kodran the Colourful's tribe banished for flatulence [4]
Wine, women and song [3]
Outdoorsman [2]
Smartass [1]

From the Megaversal Omnigroovy Background machine:

You aren't of this Earth
A new religion or philosophy caught your attention
You took some lessons

A little re-arranging and:

Part of the Northern barbarian tribe of Kodran the Colourful, no-one really knows where I came from, but I was taken in and dubbed Steinhoff. They taught me everything I needed to know about barbarianhood but I wanted to know more, so I secretly took lessons from the tribe's sage. The sage opened me to new experiences and I soon learned of liberal-ism. It was this philosophy, and that maybe you should just let go when you feel the urge, rather than wait until the traditional post drinking game when the element of danger is increased, that caused my downfall. I was feeling bold one day and let out a rip-snorter in front of Kodran, my confidence was misplaced and it only brought me untold shame amongst the warriors, exiled, I now roam the lands looking for mercenary work. With my trusty broadsword, a song in my heart, an eye for the ladies, an unslakable thirst and a dragon-shaped birthmark upon my buttocks, perhaps now I can try and trace my origin.

I start in the City of Doomed Mystery, and my initial goal is from The Adventure Matrix - Ordinary goal: Impress the girl (I decided Steinhoff was too new for a girl, so it is someone else hiring people to impress the girl).

Tools used:
Names courtesy of the Everyone Everywhere List (Viking)
Last cliché courtesy of the Risus Companion (The Last #@!% Cliché Table)
Background courtesy of the Risus Companion (The Megaversal Omnigroovy Background Machine)
Adventure premise courtesy of the Risus Companion (The Adventure Matrix)

Until next time Steve

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Shiny new toy

OK, I just had to post this:

Of course, check out the rest of the brilliant website, it's been so long since I looked at it.

And while you're at it go see Christopher Mills who mentioned it in one of this blogs, he's got so many it's hard which to link to, but I'll choose:

This almost completely changes my view of what game I personally run next!

For your information I was (am?) oscillating between a Risus Star Trek parody, a New Hope City detective (background of 5150) and now a Danger Patrol inspired romp!

Oi, internet, stop showing me things!

Until next time Steve