Friday, 16 August 2013

Activation is what you need

So before I went on holiday I packed up my 'travelling kit', but ending up using none of it!

I'm a bit disheartened by this, but I am keen to do some of my own gaming soon. What I've recently 'discovered,' which is actually just shown a little interest in, is Song of Blade and Heroes.

This appears to have a possible activation method, I now need to sit down and compare them all and pick the one which seems best. Ideally it would also incorporate some sort of AI system.

THW - this is a blackjack method, roll equal or under REP, highest success activates first. No real AI, although the reaction system is good at that, i.e. reactions to events not instigating them.

Song of Blades and Heroes - this seems to have a system whereby you gamble a number of dice against a Quality rating for each miniature, if you score two failures the turn passes to the next player. This seems to have very positive reviews but still no AI method (that I am aware of).

Random draw - somewhat inspired by Spacejacker's Gunstorm, I currently draw a coloured d6 from a dice bag. I have the vision of rolling it to control the group's actions but not thought this through fully. This could be my ideal but not sure?!

Turn by turn - the usual I go, you go method. Simple, and does get every unit moving on the board. No AI here. In 7TVs action:engine you only activate 1/2 of the available troops, I will have to tinker with that to see how it goes, as someone reviewed it as 'tactical' which I'm not sure it is, except on a meta level, but again something to throw in the mix.

The Department - each figure has a 'status', either Normal, Fleeing or Hostile, which determines what they do by the roll of a die. Not exactly an activation method but reasonable AI. This could be a good addition to any of the above.

I like much of all of them, I worry that an individual figure basis will mean that the 'centre' will move but periphery not. There needs to be someway to select a random unit without the need for masses of cards, but I can't place my finger on it and need to try out all of the above. I'll let you know how I get on!

Until next time Steve

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