Thursday, 31 October 2013

Life, the Universe and Everything - October

So, somehow we are at the end of October, and I thought I better check in to confirm that I am still around at least.

So what's happened since last time?

Well, I've tested my skirmish system a little more (not a lot though), and it seems to work. I've still got to write it out properly though if anyone else wants to use it. For the moment this is parked.

I've written a little on a couple of different stories, my distracted tendencies kicking in here. At the moment these are parked.

I've dabbled a little in solo role-playing, and am just gearing myself up to play in a supers game. I'll let you know how it goes, although probably not a full Actual Play report.

I've also gotten to play with my kids a little, a spy-fi game that emulates The Secret Show (very funny!).

This last one uses a version of the Fate RPG, I mentioned before how the Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) stole the wind from my sails. Well, thanks to the UK Role-players forum and the associated UKRP Design Collective I'm mindful of trying to write this again now, FAE really isn't an introduction to RP as I envisage it.

I have big plans for Heroic Adventure Game, and intend to release it for free, or maybe the new pay what you want so that I can put the money towards the UKRPDC (this might be tricky because I use elements of John Harper's Danger Patrol which is a non-commercial licence, is 'charity' non-commercial? I will have to check). I may post about the writing and play testing process here, if I have the time.

To top it all I'm considering a commercial venture that I can't reveal anything about at the moment. If it works I will have more money and lots more spare time, but I need the courage to do it and the backing to survive on very little for a long-ish time (around 2 years potentially).

So that's me as at this moment. I continue to follow blogs as before, now on Feedly, which made me aware that I have since followed blogs purely through that site and not 'directly' through Blogger. This is a shame and something I have to put right when I have the time (yeah right!), Followers really are the best method I feel of knowing about the success (or otherwise) of your blog so to deprive people of those when I really am following is not good on my part.

Until next time Steve