Thursday, 6 February 2014

The end is nigh!

I have decided it is about time I actually did a campaign, and By Savvy and Steel by Two Hour Wargames seems to be it.

So for now this blog is taking an extended hiatus. I don't know how long for, maybe indefinitely, but I need to put my energy into one thing, and this is it:

So if you like swashbuckling, intrigue, ideas and Two Hour Wargames this is the new place to be!

But from here, au revoir for now!


Friday, 10 January 2014

Life, the Universe and Everything - November to January

OK, so I missed the seemingly obligatory Happy New Year/Christmas post, but aside from that what have I been getting up to?

I think the answer to that must be - procrastinating!

Which reminds me of one of those funny de-motivational posters that get banded about every once in a while, something along the lines of "Procrastination - It's like m*******tion, at first it feels good, but in the end you realised you've just f***ed yourself"

Anyway back on track, I've thought of starting a few things in the recent months, but have not found the energy or wit to actually do anything beyond theorising.

So I thought I'd use this post to see exactly what is stopping me. The main culprits are:

Energy - I mentioned it above, at the end of a work day I just don't feel I can summon the energy to game. However I know this is a falacy as I go and play football (soccer to some of you) one night a week, I just need to knuckle down.

Random tables - another of my favoured procrastination techniques is to decide I need the perfect random tables for story generation.

Accoutrements - I feel whatever paraphenalia I have has to be to hand before I can start, creating a barrier to play right at the start.

Shiny complex - I just cannot settle down enough to one train of thought. One minute it is cyberpunk-y cops, the next it is swashbuckling musketeers. The muse simply cannot remain long enough to overcome the above two problems, and it exacerbates the preparation problem.

So what can I do about them?

I need to accept that the conditions will never be perfect.

I need to realise that the energy is there, and that, if it is anything, it is just a slight evening/post eating slump which I can kick myself out of.

I never will have a random table that gives me exactly the results I want. I need to accept what I have or concoct the tables now so they are available later.

I need to be prepared with the real minimum of equipment ready to hand in a moments notice. If I have to collect things from four places, that is too much.

If I can streamline my gaming and preparation this should mean that the muse can descend and I will be ready for it.

Of the above I feel I know the answers to them apart from the random tables. What should I do there?

At this point I think I will follow this up in my next post, so as not to drag this post out.

Until next time Steve